Wuzhou City:Play a special role to break through the key technical bottlenecks restricting the development of Liubao tea industry
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   In order to give play to the key technology research and industrialization demonstration projects of the”Eight New and Double Increases” in driving the development and innovation of the Liubao tea industry, recently, the Wuzhou Science and Technology Bureau and the Guangxi Tea Science Institute focused on how to use flat management methods to break through constraints Discussion on common key technology bottlenecks in the development of Liubao tea industry series. Starting from the six major sectors of Liubao tea, tea tree varieties, low-grade tea gardens, high-efficiency ecological cultivation, key processing technologies, key aging and storage technologies, analysis of the active ingredients of Liubao tea, quality and safety evaluation and control technology research, we will jointly create Liubao tea. Industrialization demonstration project. The project includes research on key technologies for the selection, introduction, and rapid breeding of improved tea varieties in Liubao; research on the transformation of low-yield tea gardens in core producing areas; prevention and control technologies for main diseases, pests and weeds of Liubao tea, ecological background investigation and precise production dynamic monitoring throughout the whole process, Ecological cultivation technology integration and application demonstration research; aging storage technology development and comprehensive model development research and Liubao tea characteristic quality material basis, quality safety evaluation and control, health care mechanism, deep processing product development research and high-value comprehensive utilization demonstration, etc. Research and other 19 sub-topics.
  Wuzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Guangxi Tea Science Research Institute focus on the development needs of the whole Liubao tea industry, through applied basic research, development research, integrated demonstration of results, integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and other coordinated research on the whole chain, from new varieties, Eight technological innovation goals, including new technologies, new models, new equipment, new products, new standards, new patents, and new systems, promote the overall improvement of the variety, quality and brand of the Liubao tea industry.
  According to the plan, after the completion of the demonstration project in 2023, the output of Guangxi Liubao tea is expected to increase to 35,000 tons, and the direct output value is expected to increase to 5 billion yuan, achieving a”double increase” in output and output value.