Wuhu Wuwei City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection on campus food safety in spring
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   In order to strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements for food safety, ensure the safety of teachers and students, and strengthen school food safety supervision. Recently, Wuhu Wuwei City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special inspection on campus food safety in the city’s schools in spring to guard campus food safety.
   This inspection focused on the implementation of the main responsibility of school food safety, school canteen management, epidemic prevention and control, etc., with the operation room and food warehouse of the school canteen as the key places, with rice, noodles, oil, meat, etc. As the key varieties, the school canteens should focus on the implementation of food procurement, inspections, food samples, health certificates of employees, and the establishment of food safety management systems. Supervise schools to strictly implement their main responsibilities and strengthen the responsibility of canteen employees. Education and training, regular food safety self-inspection, and establishment of a long-term mechanism to ensure the food safety of teachers and students.
   As of now, a total of 104 primary and middle school canteens have been inspected, and 5 schools have been found to have problems and hidden dangers. Law enforcement officers issued rectification opinions on the spot, requesting the schools to take effective measures immediately and make rectifications in place in time.