Weinan City Market Supervision Bureau promotes the implementation of the main responsibility reporting system for food production enterprises
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   In order to implement the”four strictest” requirements for food safety, further consolidate the main responsibility of food production enterprises, improve the city’s food production safety supervision level, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of food production enterprises, Weinan City Market Supervision and Administration has decided to start from 2021 From April 12, 2010, the main responsibility self-inspection and reporting system has been promoted in the city’s food production enterprises.
  The self-inspection report of food production enterprises is mainly carried out from the following four aspects:First, establish and improve the food safety management system. Promote the establishment and improvement of various food safety management systems, establish and improve the purchase inspection record system, the production process control system, the cleaning and disinfection system, the facility and equipment maintenance system, the factory inspection system, the nonconforming product management system, the unsafe food recall system, and food safety Self-inspection system, employee management system, food safety accident handling plan, quality traceability system construction and other management systems; the second is to earnestly carry out food safety self-inspection work. All food production enterprises shall strictly follow the”Management Measures for the Inspection of Food Safety Risks in Food Production and Operation Enterprises of Shaanxi Province”, formulate and issue the”Food Safety Risks Self-Inspection Form for Food Production Enterprises” and the”Food Safety Risks Report Form” to carry out comprehensive self-reliance. check. According to the results of the annual risk level assessment, self-inspection should be carried out according to the corresponding cycle and frequency. For enterprises with risk level A, self-inspection shall be conducted at least once a year; for enterprises with risk level B, self-inspection shall be conducted at least once every six months. ; For companies with a risk level of C, self-inspection shall be conducted at least once every quarter; for companies with a risk level of D, self-inspection shall be conducted at least once a month. The third is to improve the ability of food safety management personnel. All food companies should make full use of the provincial bureau’s”Food Safety Staff Sampling Test APP” to strengthen their training and assessment, and those who fail the food safety assessment will not be allowed to work. The fourth is to strengthen the ability to prevent and control food safety risks. Focus on prevention and control of risks in key links such as the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, production technology, process control, cleaning and disinfection, inspection and testing, and the use of food additives. List the problems for risk points, formulate effective measures to correct them, carry out emergency drills in time, and eliminate them in time Potential safety hazards, and continuously improve the company’s own food safety risk prevention and control level and disposal capabilities.
  By promoting the implementation of the self-inspection and reporting system of main responsibility of food production enterprises, further consolidate the main responsibility of food production enterprises, enhance the awareness of quality and safety risk prevention of food production enterprises, strictly abide by laws, regulations and quality standards, and establish and improve the quality and safety management system , Continuously improve the city’s food safety management ability and level to ensure the safety and reliability of food quality.