Weifang Anqiu City Market Supervision Bureau held a provincial food safety city review and inspection work promotion meeting
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   On April 9, Weifang Anqiu City Market Supervision Bureau organized a special promotion meeting to mobilize and redeploy the review and welcome work of provincial food safety cities.
  The meeting requested that we should further enhance our ideological understanding, increase the sense of urgency and responsibility, and take the review and inspection as a serious political task. It is necessary to compare the standard tasks and give full play to the idea of ​​“a game of chess” in the overall situation. All the comrades in charge rely on the upper hand, all the business persons in charge have the upper hand, and the heads of the grass-roots level should focus on the area under their jurisdiction. Take action to ensure the successful completion of the review and inspection tasks.
   The meeting publicized and implemented the second batch of Shandong Food and Drug Safety Commission Office’s second batch of Shandong Province Food Safety City, County (City, District) review work plans, and welcomed the review of food production and distribution, catering services, and online trading. The inspection standards were explained and trained.