Vietnam Dairy Products Co., Ltd. strives to expand the eco-farm model
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   (People’s Daily) The ecological farm model of Vietnam Dairy Co., Ltd. (Vinamilk, stock code:VNM) has just officially unveiled. There are a total of three farms located in Thanh Hoa, Guangyi and Xining. This is regarded as the start of the Vinamilk green ecological farm system that is good at nature in the company’s sustainable development and environmental protection strategy.

   The representative of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company revealed that in Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm, natural groundwater is called the”source of life”. It is a source of water for plants, grasslands, corn, etc., which helps to create an ecological lake and ensure that the air is cool and fresh. All this creates an ideal living environment for the cows and makes a positive contribution to the natural water cycle of the ecological farm.
  Vinamilk green ecological farm system also has an area of ​​several thousand hectares of grassland, planting grass, cereals, oats, corn, etc.; only organic fertilizers are used, and chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used to ensure that the cows are provided with rich nutrition, Green, clean and natural food.
  The representative of Vietnam Dairy Products Co., Ltd. said:“The cows in the Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm are pure breeds imported from the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The farm uses 4.0 industry to monitor the health of the cows through the daughter chip, and formulate appropriate The diet plan is equipped with automatic feeding robots. Here, the cows listen to music, enjoy massages and baths every day to create a relaxing and cool living space to ensure high-quality and nutritious fresh milk.”
   It is worth noting that, according to Vietnam Dairy Products Corporation, Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm focuses on ensuring the use of land, water and energy.
  The representative of Vietnam Dairy Products Co., Ltd. said:“The above is reflected in the Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm using solar power generation systems to regenerate natural energy, reducing power consumption and carbon dioxide that causes the greenhouse effect. The farm also applies Japanese soil recycling and Farming methods to ensure soil nutrients and form large-scale organic standard grasslands. Lakes can not only regulate the climate, but also provide water resources for the broad grass and corn fields.”
   Not only can the use and regeneration of resources be optimized, the Vietnam Dairy Products Corporation invests in the Biogas system to protect the environment while converting livestock and poultry manure into fertilizer and natural gas for boiling hot water and various farm activities.
  In addition to organic farms that meet international standards, Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm is one of the development steps of Vietnam Dairy Products Co., Ltd. in its green and nature journey. The representative of the company said:”We hope that Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm will play a pioneering role in green production, and is the pace of development of the dairy farming industry in an environmentally friendly and sustainable direction.”
   In addition to protecting the environment and not making a positive contribution to sustainable development, at present, the pure, high-quality fresh milk obtained by Vinamilk Green Ecological Farm is an outstanding achievement, providing Vietnamese consumers with a natural source of nutrition.
  The representative of Vietnam Dairy Co., Ltd. shared:”As one of the leading companies in the dairy industry, Vietnam Dairy Co., Ltd. has made great contributions to changing the high-tech dairy farming industry. The balance of protection and social responsibility”. (End)