U.S. Alaska boneless cod prices soar
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   News from Intrafish on March 29 that the production of Alaska cod meat is close to last year’s level, because producers continue to pay attention to product development during the busy April fast promotion season.

  ”Deep-skin” (Deep-skin), a cut to remove middle bone and fat lines, is used in products produced by some of the most valuable customers in the industry, including McDonald’s Filet-o -Fish). Trident Seafoods often uses deep-skin cod fillets in seasonal promotional products such as cod fillets for convenience stores 7-11.
   When the fast service chain specifies deep hide raw materials, American cod producers are in an advantageous position. The cod produced in Russia is mainly processed H&G pollock. These cod are sent to China for reprocessing to form second-frozen cod pieces, making it impossible for Chinese deep processing companies to mass-produce deep-skin cod pieces.
   This is in sharp contrast to boneless (PBO) fish fillets. If the U.S. supply is insufficient or the price becomes too expensive, customers in the EU and the U.K. can choose second-frozen products from Russia.
  The increase in deep skin production is largely due to the increase in the number of workers in major processing plants a few weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Dr. Ann Jarris, Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Health MD, the vaccination of maritime vessels and processors in the North Pacific Fleet is proceeding smoothly. Approximately 70%of employees in most companies are vaccinated.
   Offshore processors have harvested about 45%of the quota and may continue to harvest products in June.
   Compared with the same period last year, the production of boneless fish fillets still dropped significantly, accounting for only 19%of the total production of 102,339 tons.
   U.S. industry sources said that despite the extremely low production of PBO fish fillets, in this season, offshore processors may still focus on deep-skin products, and may even enter the B season. This is because of deep-skin fillets. The price is 20%higher than the already high PBO fillet.
   Due to short supply, the price of PBO fillets has soared to 3,800 US dollars per ton, sometimes even higher.
  Although the fishing season will last until June 10, fishing vessels have begun to slow down their fishing speed. So far, they have harvested 76%of the quota for season A, and the total quota is 213,840 tons.