Two Vietnamese restaurants on the list of Asia’s 100 best restaurants
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   (The People’s Daily)”Theworlds50best” website just announced the list of Asia’s 100 best restaurants, of which two in Vietnam are on the list.

   Surprisingly, these two are not luxury restaurants in five-star hotels, but dining places with the style of a Vietnamese chef. Tung Dining in Hanoi ranked 98th and Anan Saigon ranked 39th.
   Anan Saigon Restaurant was founded by chef Peter Cuong Franklin. He is a Vietnamese chef who has received good training in a world-renowned culinary school.
   This restaurant serves a Vietnamese menu, but it has been processed and matched with world cuisines, such as Dalat pizza, pancake rolls, spring rolls, kebabs, wide noodles, pho, Hanoi fish cakes, etc.
   In addition, the restaurant also provides a tasting menu of 680,000 VND, offering 8 dishes for diners. Anang Saigon is an ideal choice for a cool outdoor space. Diners can order some cocktails, wine or beer and taste them with various creative dishes.
   Pine restaurant, founded by 28-year-old young chef Huang Song, is located on Guangzhong Street in the center of Hanoi.
   The restaurant adheres to the principle of avoiding the use of fat and cream for cooking. Here, healthy vegetables and cooking techniques are used to maintain the original flavor.
   is high-priced. Pine Restaurant’s menu offers creative dishes, including oysters, scallops, foie gras, eel, saffron, orange fish and many other ingredients.
   The restaurant is appreciated by many food bloggers for its chef’s creativity. The dishes are carefully decorated and cooked, leaving a good impression on the diners.
  In the list of Theworlds50best, the best restaurant in Asia is The Chairman in Hong Kong, China.
   This is a traditional restaurant located in Central District, which still serves seasonal dishes. These dishes are in a two-story old house with a Hong Kong flavor and bring many nostalgic experiences to diners. (End)