To ensure that the masses can eat”rest assured meat”, Inner Mongolia Wushen Banner Market Supervision and Administration has been taking action
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   In order to strengthen the supervision of the whole banner meat market, severely crack down on illegal operations, and ensure that the masses can eat”rest assured meat”, recently, the Wushen Banner Market Supervision and Administration has concentrated its efforts on the whole banner fresh meat shops to carry out special inspections.
  In this special inspection, the bureau focused on farmer’s markets, fresh meat shops in rural and pastoral areas, large and medium-sized hotels, and supermarkets, and comprehensively investigated the implementation status of operators’ purchase channels, meat inspections, environmental sanitation, etc.:First, check Whether the fresh meat sold by the operator has”two chapters, two certificates and one report”, whether there are white strips of meat, unidentified or unqualified raw meat entering the sales market; the second is to check the operator’s purchase channels and the implementation of the certificate and ticket request According to the situation, dig deep and dig out all kinds of illegal business behaviors from house to house, strictly ensure that no household is missed, and no suspicious fresh meat is let go. The source is traced to the source and the flow is found. The third is to implement the responsibilities of market operators. Check whether the market organizer has fulfilled the responsibility of the first person responsible for market management, whether the market organizer has signed a letter of responsibility with the market operator, and whether the market operator is urged to implement the certificate and ticket request system. The fourth is to strictly investigate violations of laws and regulations. In response to key areas and weak links that are prone to problems, the law enforcement officers of the bureau strengthened the frequency and intensity of market inspections. Focus on strengthening the supervision and law enforcement in rural pastoral areas and farmer’s markets. Sixth, open channels for complaints and reports. Give full play to the role of the 12315 complaint and report platform, accept timely, follow-up investigation, and timely feedback. To achieve early detection, early treatment, and early prevention of problematic meat products, eliminate hidden food safety hazards, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
   Up to now, a total of 82 meat operators have been inspected, 164 law enforcement officers have been dispatched, 1 farmer’s market, 9 large and medium-sized hotels, 3 supermarkets, and 69 other meat operators have been inspected. The”Notice of Order Correction” has been issued. 2 copies of”Book”, random inspections were carried out on 20 batches of fresh meat, and the test results were all qualified. (Contributed by Market Supervision Administration of Wushen Banner)