Tianjin Municipal Committee of Agriculture and Rural Affairs went to Jinnan District to investigate the construction of Xiaozhan rice brand
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γ€€γ€€ In order to promote the implementation and implementation of the feedback opinions of the six groups of inspections by the municipal party committee, the implementation of the results, and the results, create a work pattern for the city’s overall management of the Xiaozhan rice brand, and continue to strengthen the development of the Xiaozhan rice brand to boutique and high-end, April 2 On the day, Zhang Jianshu, chief agronomist of Tianjin Municipal Committee of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, led a team to Jinnan District to conduct research on the construction of Xiaozhan rice brand.
γ€€γ€€In the discussion, the relevant responsible comrades of the Xiaozhandao brand owner-Jinnan District Agricultural Development Service Center introduced the current situation of Xiaozhandao brand management and existing problems. On this basis, the two parties had an in-depth exchange of opinions on the establishment of a city and district brand management model, reducing the cost of rights protection and anti-counterfeiting, and management experience in other provinces and cities, and reached a preliminary consensus:based on inspection feedback to enhance brand value , Serving the development of enterprises, taking into account the interests of Jinnan as the basic principle of Xiaozhandao brand building, established the city and district two levels of overall management, covering brand management, intellectual property rights, planting promotion, breeding research and other multi-industry participation in Xiaozhandao brand management The committee will jointly create the Xiaozhan Daojin signboard, establish a good brand image, continue to form the siphon effect of the brand, gather multiple resources, drive industrial development, and promote industrial revitalization with brand revitalization, and truly increase agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income.