Three years! Fujian Province starts a battle for the safety of dairy products
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  Guarding the quality and safety of dairy products has always been the top priority of food supervision. In order to effectively improve the quality of dairy products, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau is ready to do so, let’s take a look!
  Recently, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the”Working Plan on Promoting the Implementation of Dairy Product Quality and Safety Improvement Actions” (hereinafter referred to as the”Plan”), deploying dairy product quality and safety enhancement actions across the province and urging enterprises to implement the main responsibility for quality and safety , Requiring all localities to strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of dairy products and promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry.
  The”Project” clarifies the work objectives
   By the end of 2023, the main responsibility of dairy production enterprises in the province will be fully implemented. The inspection and control rate of raw materials, key links and products of dairy production enterprises will reach 100%, and the rate of establishing a production process traceability system will reach 100%. Food safety management personnel The qualified rate of supervision and random inspection has reached 100%; the risk prevention and control capacity of dairy product manufacturers has been significantly enhanced, the food safety self-inspection and reporting rate has reached 100%, and the risk reporting rate of discovery has reached 100%. The quality management system of infant formula milk powder manufacturers has been The inspection and reporting rate reached 100%; the quality management system of dairy production enterprises was more complete, and the establishment of a hazard analysis and critical control point system reached 100%. The ability to supervise the quality and safety of dairy products has been greatly enhanced. The rectification rate of problems found in supervision and inspection has reached 100%, and the qualified rate of supervision and random inspection of dairy products has remained above 99%.

   The”Plan” has formulated key tasks and work measures
   One is to improve the staffing of the organization by supervising dairy products, strictly controlling the inspection and acceptance of raw materials, strengthening the entire production control, strengthening the construction of inspection capabilities, implementing the self-inspection and reporting system, and promoting the construction of the traceability system to fully implement the main body of the dairy enterprise responsibility. The second is to implement measures such as strengthening dairy product enterprise license review and supervision and inspection, intensifying random inspection and monitoring, improving emergency response mechanisms, creating a social governance atmosphere, and rigorously investigating and punishing violations of laws and regulations to effectively implement dairy product quality and safety supervision responsibilities. The third is to promote the optimization and upgrading of the dairy industry structure through measures such as solidly advancing the construction of the system, focusing on improving the level of the industry, and continuously improving product standards.
  The Plan specifies the implementation steps
   March 2021 is the organizational deployment phase, April 2021 to June 2023 is the in-depth promotion phase, and July 2023 to December 2023 is the summary and promotion phase.
  ”Project” requirements
   Local market supervision departments must carefully analyze the basic situation of dairy product quality and safety in their jurisdictions, grasp the development characteristics of the local dairy industry, strengthen organization and leadership, close coordination and cooperation, increase publicity, ensure that various tasks are implemented, and fulfill responsibilities In place, measures in place, and in place.