Three-year action plan for improving the quality and safety of dairy products in Yunnan Province
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  In order to promote the healthy development of the dairy industry and ensure the safety of the people’s consumption, the Yunnan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has closely focused on the strategic goal of building a world-class”green food brand” and issued the”Three-year Action to Improve the Quality and Safety of Dairy Products in Yunnan Province”. Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).
   The”Project” clarifies the goals of the work. By the end of 2023, the province’s dairy product quality and safety supervision capabilities will be greatly improved. The rectification rate of problems found in the supervision and inspection reached 100%, the qualified rate of dairy products supervision and random inspection remained above 99%, and the registration rate of small local dairy products (milk cakes, milk fans, etc.) production and processing workshops reached 100%. The quality and safety management system of dairy production enterprises has been improved. 100%of liquid milk production enterprises implement the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP). The inspection and control rate of raw and auxiliary materials, key links and products of dairy products manufacturers has reached 100%. The food safety self-examination rate has reached 100%, and the risk report rate has reached 100%. The proportion of self-built and self-controlled milk sources in dairy production enterprises has further increased. Product research and development capabilities have been further enhanced, product structure has been further optimized, and production processes have been further improved. The province’s dairy product quality and safety level, market competitiveness and product reputation have been significantly improved.
  ”The Plan” defines key tasks
  Implement the main responsibility of enterprise quality and safety
   Strictly guard against the source. Dairy products companies should strengthen milk source management, increase the proportion of self-built and self-controlled milk sources, conduct pasture audits, strictly manage the use of inputs such as feed and veterinary drugs in dairy cattle breeding, and shorten the transportation distance of raw milk as much as possible, and implement the purchase and transportation of raw milk Accurate, full-time management. The process is strictly controlled. Dairy products enterprises should strengthen the control of raw and auxiliary materials, establish supplier audit, raw and auxiliary materials acceptance and storage management, and dispose of unqualified raw and auxiliary materials, and strengthen the review of documents such as importer qualifications and raw and auxiliary materials qualification certificates. Risks are strictly controlled. Strengthen food safety self-inspection, regularly inspect and evaluate the food safety status of product research and development, purchase and storage of raw and auxiliary materials, production conditions, equipment status, product inspection, label identification, production records, etc., and report potential risks of food safety accidents, and eliminate potential risks in a timely manner . Strict product inspection. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and testing of raw materials and semi-finished products in strict accordance with food safety standards, and implement quality and safety control throughout the process. Innovative research and development. Encourage dairy products companies to use information technology to establish and improve a food safety traceability system to realize the traceability of products throughout the process. By the end of 2022, the province’s dairy production enterprises will basically be included in the management of the”Cloud Smart Tracking” platform. The specification is improved. Strengthen the management of sanitary conditions in the processing places of local specialty dairy products (milk cakes, milk fans, etc.) production enterprises and small workshop owners in Yunnan Province, strengthen the learning and training of management personnel and practitioners on the knowledge of laws, regulations and product standards, and resolutely put an end to the”two superpowers””One non-” and other violations of laws and regulations have continuously raised the awareness of the standardization and institutionalization of the production and processing of local specialty dairy products.
  Implement quality and safety supervision and management responsibilities
   Strengthen the review of production access permits. Market supervision departments at all levels strictly control the food production licenses of dairy production enterprises. Strengthen inspections of production sites, equipment facilities, equipment layout and process flow, raw and auxiliary material procurement and use management, personnel management, management system establishment and implementation, etc., and urge dairy product manufacturers to continue to meet the food production license conditions. Strengthen daily supervision and inspection of production and operation. Regarding dairy production enterprises as the focus of supervision and inspection, the inspection frequency should be reasonably determined based on the risk level and credit rating of the enterprise. Intensify the daily supervision and inspection of key areas such as rural areas, urban-rural fringe areas, supermarkets, wholesale markets, maternal and child supplies stores, and the Internet, and other dairy products business locations. Carry out unannounced inspections and system inspections. According to clues such as supervision and random inspection, risk monitoring, media reports, and public reports, issue-oriented, timely unannounced inspections of the dairy production enterprises involved, and the inspection results must be made public. Strengthen the sampling and monitoring of dairy products. Intensify the sampling inspection and risk monitoring of dairy products, and take the problem as the guide to strengthen the random inspection of the production enterprises of unqualified products. Strengthen the supervision of small dairy processing workshops. Focus on rectification of outstanding problems such as the abuse of food additives, poor production environment and lax raw materials control, and strengthen small workshop owners to strictly implement various systems to ensure food safety, such as raw material purchase inspection, production process control, and health management of employees.
  Improve the level of dairy product quality standards
   Strengthen the follow-up evaluation of the use of food safety standards. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau actively cooperates with the Provincial Health Commission and other departments to promote the revision of the”Yunnan Provincial Food Safety Standard Milk Fan” (DBS53/010-2016), and continuously improve the pertinence and operability of the local food safety standards. The local specialty dairy industry in Yunnan has developed healthily. Promote the construction of milk source bases. Market supervision departments at all levels encourage and support the construction and upgrading of milk source bases for dairy product manufacturers to improve the quality of milk source inspection and testing capabilities. Promote the implementation of specialized, large-scale and intelligent production of milk source bases for dairy products enterprises. Establish and improve the quality and safety traceability system for the whole process of breeding and processing, and promote the integrated development of breeding and processing. Improve the use of modern methods, improve the level of technology and standardization procedures in the breeding process, and reduce the safety risks of milk sources. Comparing organizational testing capabilities. Give full play to the food safety risk warning and reminder function of inspection and testing, organize medium and large dairy product manufacturers to carry out blind sample inspection, select dairy product quality and safety related indicators, and compare inspection results. Carry out the construction of”Bright Factory Bright Line”. By 2023, complete the construction of the”Ming Factory Bright Line” of dairy production enterprises, and improve the intelligent supervision capabilities of dairy production enterprises. Comprehensively connect various social welfare and government supervision information platforms such as the”Travel to Yunnan with a mobile phone”,”Internet + Food Safety Supervision” smart platform, and accept social supervision. Enhance brand influence. Strengthen the cooperation between dairy production enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities. Through the leading role of industry associations and key enterprises, the influence of Yunnan’s dairy products brand has been rapidly increased. Promote the upgrading of local specialty dairy products. Encourage small workshops to improve production and processing techniques and conditions to achieve certified production and processing. In accordance with the principle of “standardize batches, upgrade batches, and eliminate batches”, 50%, 80%, and 100%of registration were achieved in 3 years, and supervision files were established. Those who fail to meet the permit or registration requirements shall be resolutely banned. Without the production and operation license or registration and filing, they shall not be sold on the market.
   The”Plan” specifies measures. Intensify the crackdown on violations of laws and regulations. Severely crack down on illegal activities such as the use of unqualified raw materials, illegal addition of non-edible substances, misuse of food additives, false and exaggerated publicity, and the production of counterfeit and inferior dairy products. Strengthen positive publicity and guidance. Regularly release information on dairy product supervision and sampling, and actively publicize the effectiveness of dairy product production and processing and quality and safety supervision. Actively promote social co-governance. Open channels for complaints and reports and increase rewards for reports. Support industry associations to strengthen industry self-discipline, guide dairy companies to consciously maintain and standardize market competition order, and give full play to the role of industry associations in building integrity and popularizing science.
   The”Plan” requires that the market supervision departments at all levels should further clarify their work objectives, reasonably decompose work tasks, increase work advancement, and vigorously implement them so that responsibilities, measures, and implementation are in place. Improve supervision capabilities. Carry out dairy product supervision capacity improvement training, and improve the professional level of dairy product supervision team. Close coordination and cooperation. It is necessary to actively strengthen communication and liaison with agriculture and rural areas, health, industry and information technology and other departments and industry organizations to ensure that the various tasks and measures of the dairy product quality improvement action are implemented.