This year’s food production safety supervision and inspection, Fujian did so
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   In order to strictly implement the”four most stringent” requirements, earnestly implement the overall requirements of the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for food safety work, strengthen food production supervision and management, standardize food production supervision and inspection, and comprehensively prevent and control food safety Risks, implement the main responsibility of food safety of food producers, and ensure food safety. Recently, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau formulated the”2021 Provincial Food Production Safety Supervision and Inspection Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the”Plan”).
   The”Plan” determined that food safety is the goal, the main line of corporate responsibility is the main line, risk investigation is the starting point, the outstanding problems of food safety are effectively addressed, and the regional, group and potential food safety risks are scientifically prevented. Effectively perform food safety supervision responsibilities, improve supervision efficiency, focus on building a strict and efficient food production supervision system, and comprehensively improve the level of food production safety in Fujian Province.
   The”Plan” pointed out that we must persist in scientific planning, openness and fairness. Based on risk-level management, enterprise self-inspection as the prerequisite, daily inspection as the main body, special inspection as the focus, and unannounced inspection as the means, formulate scientific and efficient supervision and inspection work plans, and implement three-level food production enterprises at the provincial, municipal and county levels. Supervise and inspect work.
   The”Plan” emphasizes the need to adhere to risk management and highlight key points. It is necessary to take risk investigation and remediation as the starting point, clarify the supervision and inspection of key areas, key products, and key issues, strengthen the supervision of rural food, food for schools and other products that are of high public concern and high risk coefficients, and adopt effective methods and precise measures. Law enforcement, strengthen supervision, and prevent food safety risks.
   The”Plan” requires that comprehensive coverage must be adhered to, and special and often complementary. Combining key points and taking all aspects into consideration, on the basis of daily supervision and inspection, in accordance with the actual food safety supervision of Fujian Province, timely and effective organization and implementation of special inspections, unannounced inspections and system inspections, to achieve an organic combination of various tasks and complement each other.