This kind of food is on fire! A single store sells one million yuan per month! Not even sold enough and forced to take it off the shelf! Have you tried it?
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  As long as there is Internet, many people are willing to shop online, but recently, some products have been in short supply and cannot keep up with the production capacity, so they have to be removed from the online flagship store. What kind of explosion is this? ?
  Single store sells one million yuan a month,”Wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys”
  In a residential area in Haidian District, Beijing, this humble shop has been open for more than 30 years. The only merchandise sold in this store is oatmeal. Today, the 300-gram package of oatmeal was sold out before noon.
   Li Ping, a salesperson at a store in Haidian District, Beijing, said that more than 30 boxes have been sold today, at least more than 10,000 yuan a day, and at most more than 1 million yuan a month.
   This kind of oatmeal, which has been available for more than 30 years, is not only hot in recent years. At the end of the 1980s, when oatmeal was first launched, it also triggered a panic buying trend among middle-aged and elderly people. In recent years, with the expansion of sales channels and the push of online evaluations, this oatmeal has gradually been accepted by multiple age groups, and sales across all channels have risen sharply. The monthly sales on the e-commerce platform once exceeded 10,000 pieces. Due to the short supply of goods, it has been forced to be removed from the official flagship store.
  Chang Jiang, deputy manager of an oatmeal development company in China:The current maximum production capacity is 10,000 catties per day. Due to space constraints, the production capacity cannot be increased. At present, four to five thousand boxes are owed every day, that is, the output in 10 days is about 50,000 jin.
  The production capacity cannot keep up with the market demand. The problem encountered by this oatmeal is actually a common situation faced by university research institutes when they enter the market. The scientific research personnel of Heilongjiang University, through cooperation with enterprises, use their own scientific research results to help enterprises increase production capacity.
   The factory on the picture was invested and constructed by an agricultural technology company. The person in charge said that thanks to the transformation of the production process, although the best season for pickling sauerkraut in winter has passed, the company still has the ability to satisfy people from all over the country. Orders for sauerkraut everywhere. The”knowledge” that allows them to produce normally throughout the year comes from a laboratory in Heilongjiang University. There, tens of billions of microflora are growing rapidly. It is these microflora that enable companies to produce authentic sauerkraut all year round.
  Ling Hongzhi, Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, Heilongjiang University:We provide technical support, and the company will produce and sell it. Our strength is basic theoretical research, but when we want to market our products, we still have to rely on companies.
   To bring scientific research results from the laboratory to the market requires the participation of enterprises. The power of science and technology in the laboratory has also made traditional foods like sauerkraut come to life. The person in charge of the company said that their sales are currently rising month by month, and in order to meet demand, they are starting to increase production capacity.
  ”Scientific research on the tip of the tongue” urgently need to find ways to diversify industrialization
   In August last year, an evaluation video called”10 Well-known University Food Out of the Box” was released online. The number of views instantly approached 3 million and the number of likes reached 209,000. The sales of the products mentioned in the video skyrocketed instantly, and even sold out directly. The delicacies deep in the research institutes of universities and colleges have also been pushed into the spotlight.
   E-commerce platform data shows that currently 20 colleges and universities have opened gourmet shops on the e-commerce platform. There is no shortage of popular items. Among them, Professor Huang from Nanjing University sold more than 100,000 copies of roasted chicken, and Mr. Ling from Heilongjiang University sold more than 10,000 copies of sauerkraut. The monthly sales of Shizhuang oats of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences exceeded 10,000 pieces.
   Zhou Wenbin, deputy director of the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:From the current national policy, the transformation of results has been placed in a very prominent position. Therefore, if the scientific research results of universities and research institutes can be implemented, they will It will greatly promote scientific research and innovation.
  Experts said that the outreach of scientific research food in colleges and universities is actually the success of the transformation of scientific research results. However, while the sales of scientific research food in colleges and universities are booming, the scale of scientific research food in colleges and universities is small and the upstream and downstream are difficult to get through the supply of the industrial chain. The weak points are also unobstructed. Industry insiders pointed out that at the moment, it is necessary to connect technology providers and technology seekers to help commercialize innovative technologies.
  Jing Linbo, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation:When moving towards full marketization, it must be operated in a corporatized manner, such as hiring professional managers for marketing, sales, after-sales service, and operations. It may also require greater capital intervention. Professional matters must be done by professionals.