The”Zhejiang Province 14th Five-Year Plan for Major Scientific and Technological Special Implementation Plan for Breeding of New Aquatic Varieties in Zhejiang Province” led by the Freshwater Fisheries Institute passed expert demonstration
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   On March 31, the Aquatic Breeding Cooperation Group held a demonstration meeting on the implementation plan of major scientific and technological projects for the selection and breeding of new aquatic varieties in Zhejiang Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan in Huzhou. The meeting invited academician Gui Jianfang of the Institute of Hydrobiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and relevant experts from the National Fisheries Technology Extension Station, the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Water Sciences, the Ocean University of China, the Ningbo Ocean and Fisheries Society, and the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs The Fishing Port Management Office dispatched staff for guidance.
  The expert group headed by Academician Gui Jianfang listened to the report of the implementation plan by the director of the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries and the chief expert of the aquatic breeding cooperation group. The development trend of the seed industry, oriented to the development needs of the aquatic seed industry in Zhejiang Province, and based on the research results of the”13th Five-Year Plan”, are of great significance to the successful turnaround of the Zhejiang aquatic seed industry and the promotion of modern fishery development. The implementation plan has a reasonable set of topics. The expected goal is clear, with strong innovation and maneuverability, and expert argumentation is passed. The expert group also put forward very specific and specific opinions and suggestions on research types, research content, and assessment objectives. In response to industrial needs, the implementation plan proposes to set up 8 subjects, and select more than 10 species such as Zhejiang’s special advantage marine freshwater fish, shrimps and crabs, sea shells and algae, and soft-shelled turtles, with high quality and resistance to stress (disease). Such traits are the main breeding targets, focusing on the collection of germplasm resources and digital management, and carrying out research on new technologies for targeted, precise and efficient breeding, so as to improve the breeding innovation technology system. Through the implementation of this special project, 50 copies of excellent germplasm materials will be collected, preserved and created, a practical and efficient breeding technology system will be constructed, 5 nationally approved aquatic new varieties will be obtained, 20 new aquatic product lines with application prospects will be cultivated, and aquatic seed industry will be cultivated. There are 20 key enterprises or large-scale breeding bases, with an area of ​​more than 150,000 mu for demonstration and promotion.