The”upstart” in the vegetable market! Shrimp sells for hundreds of yuan per catty! What’s the matter?
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   Before and after the Ching Ming Festival, it is when the river prawns are on the market. Although the prawns are small and inconspicuous, they quickly become”upstarts” in the vegetable market at a price of over 100 yuan per catty when they are listed.
   The reporter visited several farmer’s markets in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and found that the price of shrimp per catty ranges from 110 yuan to 135 yuan, depending on the specifications and origin. According to the merchants, this price is indeed higher than the price of around 90 to 100 yuan per catty over the same period in previous years.
   Merchants at the Xiaoshan Nanmen Agricultural and Sideline Products Comprehensive Market in Hangzhou, Zhejiang:There are fewer shrimps this year, and the price is a little over 100 yuan. When the price is high, there are fewer people to eat. From May 1 onwards, it may cost 50 to 60 yuan a catty. Generally, working families will buy it.
   Merchants told reporters that river prawns have just been listed recently, and the price of the goods is already high. In addition, the river prawns have started to produce seeds recently, and many farmers are reluctant to sell them. Although the price is expensive, people who like to try new things are still willing to pay for the delicious taste.
   Compared to river prawns that cost hundreds of yuan a catty, the prices of white prawns and prawns are relatively affordable now. The prices of both are around 40-50 yuan, and they can also be used as consumers to buy aquatic products. A good choice at the time.