The”Chenzhou Vegetable Industry Development Plan (2020-2026)” compiled by the Institute of Agricultural Economic and Regional Planning of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the review
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   On April 10, the Chenzhou Municipal People’s Government invited experts from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hunan Agricultural University, Chenzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau and other relevant units to discuss the”Chenzhou Vegetable Industry The Development Plan (2020-2026)” was reviewed. The meeting was chaired by Su Dinggui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Chenzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau. Researcher Yu Yinghong, deputy dean of our institute, attended the meeting as an evaluation expert.
   At the meeting, the project host Chen Junyu introduced the planning preparation in detail. The expert group reviewed that the”Plan” has clear ideas, rich content, accurate positioning, prominent focus, and strong guarantees, reflecting the connection with the relevant plans of the superior. Build the overall pattern of three vegetable bases, build five industrial systems, build 3 vegetable characteristic industrial counties (gathering areas), 6 characteristic vegetable industrial towns, 50 modern vegetable industrial parks, and 100″Xiangjiangyuan” vegetable brand industries The base is in line with the actual development of the vegetable industry in Chenzhou, is scientific, forward-looking, and operability. It has a leading role in promoting the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the vegetable industry in Chenzhou. It was unanimously agreed that the”Plan” passed the review.