The value of food produced in Kazakhstan in the first two months of this year was 309.7 billion tenge
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Kazakh News Agency/Nursultan/March 31-According to the website, the value of food produced in Kazakhstan from January to February this year was 309.7 billion tenge, an increase of 14.1%over the same period last year. The actual output growth was 3.1%.

   In the whole country, the regions with the largest food production value are Almaty Oblast (43.8 billion tenge), Kustanay Oblast (38.8 billion tenge), and Almaty city (34.3 billion tenge).
   accounted for more than half of the total food output value is flour and grain products, dairy products and meat products.
  In terms of food output, the output of sugar has increased significantly, 4.5 times higher than the same period last year, and the output reached 34,800 tons. The production of fresh, refrigerated or frozen fish has also increased (up 55.5%year-on-year to 9,700 tons), butter (up 51.5%year-on-year to 3900 tons), and vegetable oil (up 15.1%to 85,300 tons).
   In January this year, the following foods reached the best indicators to ensure domestic demand (domestic market demand plus exports):meat and poultry (meeting 93.3%of domestic demand), milk and cream (97.1%), flour ( 99%), rice (97.1%).