The Ukrainian government passed six new plans to support agricultural production
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   The Ukrainian agroportal website quoted the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture on April 7. The Uzbek government passed a resolution today to expand the state’s support for agricultural producers in 2021.

   News reported that the new plan will promote the stability of agricultural production and the increase in output, which is conducive to national food security and guarantees of supply.
  The new agricultural support program includes:
  - National support for agricultural product insurance;
  - Compensation for crop losses caused by technology and natural disasters;
  - The state supports agricultural producers who carry out soil improvement;
  - The state supports the producers of organic products;
  - The state provides support to potato producers;
  - The state provides support to buckwheat producers in the state budget subsidy program.
   Petrashko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture said that the state compensated farmers for the losses caused by the extreme weather last year. We have introduced agricultural insurance to further protect agricultural producers from economic losses. In addition, we have expanded the production plan of special crops (buckwheat, potato) to ensure domestic market demand and price stability.