The U.S. revises the residue limit of 2-methyl-4 chloride in some foods
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  Food Partner Network News According to the US Federal Register, on April 13, 2021, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued Regulation No. 2021-07517 to amend the residue limit of 2-methyl-4 chloride (MCPA) in some foods.

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a risk assessment on its toxicity, dietary exposure, and impact on infants and young children, and finally concluded that the following residue limits are safe. The proposed amendments are as follows:


Parts per million (ppm)

Dry tea


Wheat straw, intermediate, feed


Wheat straw, intermediates, grains


Wheat straw, intermediate, hay


Wheat straw, intermediate, straw


   It is understood that this regulation will take effect on April 13, 2021, and objections or hearing requests must be submitted before June 14, 2021.