The U.S. intends to ban the import of wild Mexican shrimp
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   From April 20th, the United States will ban the import of all Mexican wild shrimp, saying that the Mexican shrimp industry violates the U.S. Endangered Species Protection Act.

   The US State Department said that investigators found that some fishing vessels on the west coast of Mexico and the Sea of ​​Cortez were not equipped with turtle escape devices (TEDs). The fishing process may cause accidental injury or manslaughter to wild turtles.
   Every year on May 1st, the United States publishes a list of shrimp importing countries and imported products. For wild shrimp species, the shortlisted conditions are mainly that the ships of the fishing country must install similar devices to those of the United States to reduce damage to wildlife . In 2021, Mexican wild shrimp may not appear on the list.
   Mexican Fisheries and Aquaculture Association (Canainpesca) President Humberto Becerra said that the Mexican fisheries community is coordinating with the government to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  ”Due to the epidemic, Mexico’s fisheries will face too many difficulties in 2020, and crew training, inspection, supervision and control of illegal fishing problems have been lax. We believe that the Mexican government will take action to prove that we have been protecting wildlife in these years Achievements.” Becerra said.