The Tongcheng City Market Supervision Bureau organized a meeting with aquatic product wholesale operators for the”Yangtze River Ten Years Ban on Fishing”
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   In order to further urge aquatic product wholesalers to strictly fulfill their main responsibility for food safety, enhance the awareness of protecting the Yangtze River’s aquatic biological resources and abiding by the law, and continue to promote the”Yangtze River ban on fishing for ten years”, the work was carried out in an orderly and effective manner, April 8, Tongcheng The Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized an interview meeting with aquatic product wholesalers.
   The meeting notified the problems existing in the sales of aquatic product operators since the start of the Yangtze River’s fishing ban, and put forward specific requirements for their standardized operations. It focused on preaching the”Yangtze River Protection Law”,”Food Safety Law”,”Edible Agricultural Products Market Sales Quality and Safety Supervision and Administration Measures” and other relevant laws and regulations, from prohibiting the purchase, processing, and sales of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, purchase and sales inspections The regulations on recording obligations, advertising and publicity have been interpreted in detail.
   Wang Kai, a member of the Party Group of the Market Supervision Bureau, emphasized at the meeting:First, we must attach great importance to the ideological level, fully realize the significance and importance of the”Yangtze River ban on fishing for ten years”, and all aquatic product wholesalers must be strict Comply with national laws and regulations and related regulations. The second is to strictly implement the main responsibility of aquatic product sellers, fulfill the obligations of purchase inspection, request for evidence and invoices, and provide invoices to sellers, ensure that the source of the aquatic products and products purchased and sold can be traced, and resolutely put an end to illegal capture in the Yangtze River Basin. The catch is sold in the market. The third is to strengthen law enforcement, form a high-pressure posture against fishing bans on the Yangtze River, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations discovered during supervision.
   At the meeting, the”Proposal of”Yangtze River Prohibition of Fishing for Ten Years” Starting from Me” and a promotional album of fishing bans were also distributed, and a”Letter of Commitment” was signed with aquatic product wholesalers.
   The city’s 12 large-scale aquatic product wholesale operators and some heads of market supervision offices attended the meeting.