The Third Chairman Working Conference of the Fifth Council of China Canned Food Industry Association was successfully held in Guangzhou
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   On April 8, the third chairman working meeting of the Fifth Council of China Canned Food Industry Association was successfully held in Guangzhou. The chairman’s working meeting was hosted by China Canned Food Industry Association and undertaken by Guangzhou Eagle Money Food Group Co., Ltd. The meeting was chaired by Liu Youqian, Chairman of the China Canned Food Industry Association.
   In his welcome speech, Zheng Jianxiong, chairman of Guangzhou Eagle Money Food Group Co., Ltd., first expressed his sincere welcome to the association’s chairman Liu Youqian and all the guests, and expressed his gratitude to the industry exchange platform provided by the association. Subsequently, a special introduction was made to the development history, product characteristics and next development direction of Guangzhou Eagle Money Food Group Co., Ltd. Finally, I hope that under the leadership of the association, the industry companies present will strengthen cooperation, exchange what is needed, and work together to jointly promote the development of my country’s canned food industry. I wish the conference a complete success!
   Vice Chairman Nie Yinfeng and Secretary-General Chao Xi of China Canned Food Industry Association respectively reported on the association’s 2020 financial status, 2020 work summary and 2021 work priorities to the audience at the meeting.
   Lin Nan, Chairman of Dalian Linjiapuzi Food Co., Ltd., combined the current domestic canned food market situation in my country, and made an industry report titled”Industry Pain Points and Pain Relief in My Views” The report provides a detailed analysis of the shortcomings in the development of multiple industries such as scale, balance, turnover, and labor. At the same time, it puts forward new ideas for the development of canned products in the domestic market.
   The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Qingdao Kaichuang Food Co., Ltd. gave a report on the development and development of China’s canned food in the international market with the topic of”Considerations on the Development of China’s Canned Food Industry under the International and Domestic Dual Cycle”. A detailed analysis of the current development of the world’s major canned food markets, as well as the areas that my country’s canned food needs to pay attention to when opening up the international market. And put forward a number of important suggestions about the development of the industry. In the end, he expressed the hope that China’s canned food industry will become bigger and stronger, and help the rural revitalization.
  Chairman Liu Youqian first expressed his gratitude to Guangzhou Eagle Money Food Group Co., Ltd. for its support to the meeting, and explained the preparations for the association’s 2021 re-election work at the meeting. Next, a detailed introduction of the”Three-year Special Action Plan for Brand Building in China’s Canned Food Industry (2021-2023)” formulated by the Association for the industry’s pain points and difficulties. The plan is to implement a three-year special publicity action to create a public opinion atmosphere of “nutrition, health, fashion, and trend” for canned food in the domestic market, create a canned consumption culture, and realize the transformation of domestic and foreign sales for the industry. The per capita consumption in the domestic market is relatively high. Significantly improved, the simultaneous development of the international and domestic markets provides strong support, and the relevant specific implementation work is explained in detail at the same time.
  Participating representatives conducted a thorough discussion on the relevant content of the Action Plan and the status quo of the industry and enterprises, and put forward their own opinions and suggestions.
   On the second day, I took a bus with the congregation to visit the Conghua factory of Guangzhou Eagle Money Food Group Co., Ltd.