The team of Professor Fang Yulin from the Wine School of Northwest A&F University has made new progress in the field of wine authentication
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   On April 7, the team of Professor Fang Yulin from the Wine School of Northwest A&F University published a titled”Real wine or not? Protecting wine with traceability and authenticity for consumers:Chemical and technical basis” in”Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition” , technique applications, challenge, and perspectives” paper, discusses the research progress of the analysis technology of wine authenticity identification, to help wine researchers choose appropriate methods to deal with the challenge of wine adulteration, and to ensure the traceability and authenticity of wine . Young teacher Sun Xiangyu, undergraduate student Zhang Fan are the co-first authors, Professor Fang Yulin and team postdoctoral associate Professor Ma Tingting are the co-corresponding authors.
   Wine fraud has seriously affected the wine market and disrupted the fair competition order of the industry. The traceability of wine has attracted more and more attention from wine consumers and regulators all over the world. The chemical substance basis of wine determines that it can be traced through relevant technical means. The establishment of objective and standardized identification methods is the development trend of wine identification in the future. The purpose of this review is to summarize the latest developments in determining the authenticity of wine, and to provide suggestions for further research in this field, so as to promote the research and development of wine traceability technology, and promote the establishment and improvement of wine safety traceability system. The research results are expected to be maintained. The stability of the wine market has a profound impact on the healthy development of the wine industry.
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