The strategic layout is steadily advancing丨Longda Meat Shanghai R&D Center completed and operated
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   On March 24th, Longda Meat Shanghai R&D Center was completed and operated, and a landing ceremony and meat product tasting meeting were held. Longda Meat’s chairman Yu Yu attended and In the speech, representatives of many well-known brands in the food industry attended and affirmed the determination of Longda Meat R&D to settle in Shanghai, and were full of confidence in the long-term cooperation in the future.

  Longda Meat Shanghai R&D Center covers an area of ​​more than 700 square meters and is equipped with more than 120 facilities, mainly including R&D, customer reception, conference negotiation, tasting experience, product display, Experimental processing six functional areas, mainly responsible for the docking of major catering customers and product testing and development, etc., can quickly respond to customer needs, and can meet Western-style ham sausage, Chinese-style sauce, cooking bags, shallow fried products, frozen preparations, etc. The development of multiple categories of products. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the company, Longda Meat Shanghai R&D Center will also develop new products, new processes, new technologies, and new equipment in the future to lay the foundation for the forward-looking and innovative development of Longda Meat in the food industry.

   clear the development direction and insist on strategic guidance. At the beginning of 2021, Longda Meat formally formulated and implemented the first five-year strategic plan (hereinafter referred to as the”First Five-Year Plan”), which clarified that the company will focus on meat products and deep processing, and support pig breeding and import trade. The whole industry chain” business development model. Yu Yu, Chairman of Longda Meat, elaborated on Longda Meat’s Shanghai R&D Center from the level of strategic planning, “The completion of Longda Meat’s Shanghai R&D Center is an important measure for Longda Meat to be closer to customers and consumer markets, and it can better serve East China. Customers, improve service efficiency, collect market information, and provide customers with safer, more efficient products that meet or even exceed market expectations. At the same time, standing on the platform of Shanghai can also attract more outstanding talents to join us, which is the implementation of our five-year strategy. Lay a solid foundation for implementation.”

Song Jiangtao, the general manager of   Longda Meat Cooked Food Division, further clarified why the R&D center was located in Shanghai:In order to meet the R&D needs of Longda Meat’s deep cultivation of the consumer side, The Shandong R&D Center is mainly responsible for the research and development of sauces and high-temperature products, and the Shanghai R&D center is responsible for the research and development of B-end catering products and innovative products, forming a north-south”double center” pattern for the whole country. At the same time, Longda Meat is also actively preparing to build a Southwest R&D center , Is mainly responsible for the research and development of Sichuan flavor and leisure products, and finally achieves a tripartite situation in the national research and development layout, covering the national taste research and development of meat products, linking global resources, and developing many customized and standardized products for major customers with high-quality research and development services.

The    strategy is implemented step by step, and the country’s production capacity is expanded with a spirit of hard work. In order to create a”safe, secure, healthy, delicious, and fresh” meat food system, Longda Meat has implemented the national layout of the”whole industry chain” in an orderly manner in accordance with the”First Five-Year Plan” strategy. At present, the meat products and intensive processing sector plans to expand to Northeast, East China, Central China and South China to ensure that the supply of raw pig raw materials is controllable and traceable. The Shanghai R&D Center uses Shanghai as a hub to provide high-quality services to customers in East China, give full play to the advantages of a complete product control system, build a leading domestic catering food supply chain ecology, and provide a strong force for the national development of Longda Meat in the meat product industry. support.

   engine advancement, rapid development. At present, Longda Meat has achieved full coverage in the research and development of meat products. The existing product series have covered frozen, low-temperature, high-temperature, convenient and fast food, sauce, and leisure. In the field of meat products, Longda Meat has established a complete healthy meat product system, which has been recognized by many well-known food industry brands. The Shanghai R&D Center is completed. On the basis of the original R&D, a professional scientific research team will be formed to continuously enhance the innovation of products and processes, continue to give play to product customization features, highlight the personalization of catering, and provide customers with better quality services. Increase market share.

   leads the food generation, quality future. The completion of Longda Meat’s Shanghai R&D Center and the additional implementation of its strategic layout will greatly increase the company’s own core competitiveness and lay the overall tone for long-term, effective and sustainable development. In the next step, Longda Meat will steadily promote the implementation of the”First Five-Year” strategic plan in accordance with the plan, give full play to the competitiveness of its own food industry chain system, build a safe and green meat product industry and a healthy ecology, focus on the”national dining table”, and contribute to a healthy China , Food Security China Construction and Development.