The Special Food Safety Supervision Section of Huainan Market Supervision Bureau carries out supervision and inspection of special food area (counter)
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   From April 6th to 9th, the Special Food Supervision Department of Huainan Market Supervision Bureau went to Shou County, Fengtai County, Panji District, and Maoji Experimental District to carry out special food supervision and inspection.
   In accordance with the requirements of the leaders of the Municipal Bureau, this inspection adopted the “four no two direct” inspection method, and went directly to the special food business unit to supervise and inspect whether its business behavior was standardized. A total of 6 supermarkets (grocery stores) and 2 A pharmacy, a maternal and child store.
   During the inspection, it was found that all business units had established special food business areas (special counters) under the supervision of the supervisory departments of all counties and districts. The phenomenon of mixing special food and ordinary food in some business units was more frequent, and the inspectors were on the spot Propaganda of laws and regulations concerning the operation of special food areas (counters) was carried out to the personnel of the operating units and their operating behaviors were regulated. At the same time, the market supervision department of the jurisdiction was notified to supervise the operating units to regulate the operation of special foods.