The special crop production mechanization team in the cold and arid areas of the western region carried out the experimental demonstration of the mechanized light and simplified cultivation technology of cantaloupe in Turpan, Xinjiang
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  Hami melon is a characteristic cash crop in Xinjiang and an important pillar industry in the development of Xinjiang’s rural economy. It is of great significance to Xinjiang’s agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income, and rural economic prosperity. However, as a labor-intensive industry, the cantaloupe industry has always had problems such as large production and employment, high labor intensity, and low degree of mechanization. Although in recent years the production of cantaloupe in Xinjiang has been gradually mechanized in terms of land preparation, pipe laying, plant protection, and integration of water and fertilizer, the planting process is still completely dependent on labor. The low efficiency and high labor cost input production method has led to the local cantaloupe It is difficult to show the scale benefits of production. In order to improve the mechanization level of cantaloupe production in Xinjiang, and solve the problems of declining comparative efficiency of cantaloupe production due to”difficult labor”,”expensive labor” and”low degree of mechanization”, our institute’s characteristic crop production mechanization team in the cold and arid regions of western China, the national melon industry The technical system mechanization research laboratory has successfully developed the 2F-40 type suspended organic fertilizer (chemical fertilizer) deep application machine, the 2ZXS-2 type west melon laying pipe and filming water-sit transplanting compound operation machine and the 3GFX-90 type west melon arch canopy mulching. The three types of machines are suitable for special mechanized equipment for the production of cantaloupe and other melons. From March 26th to March 28th, the three models were tested and demonstrated in Yaer Town, Gaochang District, Turpan, and an on-site observation meeting was successfully held for the mechanized light and simplified cultivation technology of cantaloupe.
   2F-40 type suspended melon organic fertilizer (chemical fertilizer) deep applicator, one operation process can complete the compound operation of trenching, fertilization, and soil backfilling, realizing granular fertilizer and decomposed sheep manure and other block (or (Powdered) Organic Fertilizer The mechanized mixing and deep application of the two fertilizers, and can accurately control the ratio of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer according to the agronomic requirements and nutrient requirements of different watermelon and melon varieties. The 2ZXS-2 type west melon laying pipe laying film sitting water transplanting compound operation machine can complete rotary tillage, laying drip irrigation tape, laying mulch and covering the soil around the film, transplanting pot seedlings on the membrane, and injecting water from the bottom of the root in one operation process. ), the mechanized duplex operation of piling up soil in planting holes and suppression meets the agronomic requirements of melon planting in the arid areas of northwestern China such as Xinjiang and Gansu. The survival rate of melon seedlings in dry land mechanized transplantation is over 97%, and the operation efficiency is 8-10 times that of labor. . The 3GFX-90 type western melon arch shed laminating machine can complete the mechanized duplex operation of arch shed arch erection, shed film covering, and film edge covering with one operation process. It can be used in conjunction with the transplanting machine to realize the double Full mechanized operation of the cultivation process in the film planting mode. The promotion and application of the three models will greatly improve the mechanization level and large-scale production capacity of Xinjiang cantaloupe cultivation, reduce labor costs, promote the quality and efficiency of Xinjiang cantaloupe industry and green development, and help Xinjiang’s rural revitalization.
  On March 28th, the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the special crop production mechanization team in the western cold and arid areas, the national melon industry technology system and the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Hami Melon Research Center co-sponsored the on-site observation of the mechanized light and simplified cultivation technology of cantaloupe The meeting was successfully held in Yaer Town, Gaochang District, Turpan. Zeng Jie, Deputy Director of Turpan Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Zhang Yihe, Director of Turpan Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Yang Meng, Director of Gaochang District Agriculture and Economics Bureau, Liao Xinfu, Director of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Institute of Grape, Melon and Fruit, Deputy Director of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Director Dai Xingrong, Director Yi Hongping of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Hami Melon Research Center, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Deputy Director Shi Huifeng, Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural Technology Extension Service Department of Hami Melon Producing Area, Hami Melon Growers in Demonstration County, etc. 50 A number of personnel participated in the on-site observation. The operating effects of the three machines were unanimously affirmed by the participants. Many big growers have a detailed understanding of the operating parameters and operating requirements of the three sets of machines, and they have demanded to speed up the promotion and application of these machines, and strive to achieve”machine substitution” as soon as possible. Xinjiang TV Station 7 sets and Turpan TV Station carried out news reports on this event.