The promotion and demonstration of edible fungi plateau facilities and biomimetic cultivation techniques in Qinghai Province have achieved remarkable results
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  Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to carry out the acceptance and evaluation of the Qinghai University’s Qinghai University’s Central Guidance Local Science and Technology Development Fund Project”Edible Fungus Plateau Facilities and Biomimetic Cultivation Technology Promotion and Demonstration”. The expert group agreed that the project further matured the morel cultivation, bionic cultivation and industrial three-dimensional cultivation technology, realized the standardized cultivation of morel, and provided technical support for the rapid development of the morel industry in the province.
The    project has selected 3 new strains of morel strains, carried out a demonstration and promotion of morel mushrooms on 160 mu, achieved a new output value of 5.55 million yuan, drove 60 people out of poverty, and cultivated one talent. During the implementation of the project, 82 person-times of technical innovation service personnel were trained, 102 person-times of agricultural science and technology services were trained and guided, and 88 person-times of technical consultation/technical services were provided. Carried out 3 entrepreneurial counseling activities, and won 1 prize for entrepreneurial counseling. Supported 4 science and technology commissioners, which served 16 rural households, and transformed 6 scientific and technological achievements. It laid the foundation for the development of the morel cultivation industry in Qinghai and the increase of farmers’ income.