The project of”R&D and application of the series of special trap lamps for wind suction traps” passed the appraisal
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   On the morning of March 26, the scientific research achievement”Development and application of wind-absorption trap-type special insect trap series products” jointly completed by Huazhong Agricultural University and other units The project review meeting was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the International Academic Exchange Center, and the project finally passed the appraisal committee. The review meeting was chaired by Zhao Yuemin, director of Hubei Technology Exchange. Yao Jianglin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of our school, delivered a welcome speech.

   This review will be conducted by professional review members organized by Hubei Technology Exchange. Formal review and due diligence have been conducted in the early stage. Academician Song Baoan of Guizhou University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Academician Li Peiwu of the Crop Research Institute served as the team leader and deputy team leader of this evaluation meeting.

   Professor Huang Qiuying, College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, represented the project team from the background of the project, technical routes, major technological innovations, domestic and foreign technology comparisons, objective evaluations, and application status Reported to the review committee in terms of efficiency and benefits. The evaluation committee reviewed the evaluation materials and listened to the results report. After inquiries and discussions, it was agreed that the results as a whole reached the international leading level.

   It is reported that the main innovations of the project include three aspects. The first is to put forward and clarify the light stress theory of insect phototaxis, construct the concept of light trapping, and establish a pest control strategy based on”trap trap light” and”high-efficiency moth light”. The research and development of lamp series products laid the theoretical foundation. The second is to create a sensitive wavelength database of different pests on different crops, invent a series of special, efficient, safe, and intelligent trap-type insect trap lights, and develop an IoT intelligent remote control light switch system, baffle and wind fluke replacement Electric insect killing devices and natural enemy escape devices have increased the trapping rate of target pests, greatly reduced the killing rate of natural enemy insects and neutral insects, and innovated light wave trapping technology and products. The third is to integrate and innovate the core technologies for large-scale intelligent production of insect traps such as automatic phosphor coating technology, high-precision light wave detection technology, intelligent control technology and laser cutting technology, and build 4 production lines.”Agricultural insect trap application technical specifications”Adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as the agricultural industry standard (NY/T 3697-2020), it provides technical specifications for the production and application of agricultural insect traps.

   The results have been used in rice, tea, corn, peanuts, peanuts, rice, tea, corn, peanuts, and rice in more than 20 provinces (cities and districts) including Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Guangxi, Guizhou, The popularization and application of crop pests such as fruit trees and vegetables has good effects of controlling pests and protecting benefits. It has provided strong scientific and technological support for pesticide reduction, agricultural efficiency, and farmers’ income increase in China, and has achieved significant economic, social and ecological benefits.