The Philippines allocates most of its sugar production to the domestic market
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  According to the Philippines’ Business Mirror report on March 31, the Philippines has decided to allocate the remaining sugar in the 2020-2021 crop year for domestic consumption to ensure sufficient inventory and avoid price increases.

  The Sugar Administration (SRA) issued an executive order to cancel the export of 7%of sugar to the United States until the end of the crop year on August 31, and all sugar production will be used in the domestic sugar market.
   Barrera, executive director of the Philippine Sugar Mills Association, stated that the reallocation will not threaten the quota for the United States. It is expected that 100,000 tons of sugar will be exported to the United States, which basically meets the quota requirements.
   The latest data show that the annual sugar output of the 2020-2021 crop is expected to be 2.101 million tons, sugarcane output increased by 7.6%year-on-year to 16.67 million tons, and the sugar recovery rate dropped by 6.6%year-on-year to 1.71 bags of sugar per ton of sugarcane.