The operation of the food industry in Jilin Province in 2020
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  In 2020, the economic operation of the food industry in the province will continue to improve steadily, with 706 food industrial enterprises above designated size in the province, accounting for 22.9%of the total number of households in the province; The value-added increased by 1.3%year-on-year; the output value increased by 3.4%year-on-year, accounting for 10.4%of the province’s total industrial output value; the total profit realized was 4.86 billion yuan, an increase of 178.5%year-on-year.

   Actively promote the resumption of work and production. Actively respond to the unfavorable factors such as raw materials, labor shortages, and weak consumer market caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic to the food industry enterprises in the province, and promote the resumption of work and production of key enterprises such as rice, oil, meat, eggs, and milk. All 50 key enterprises in early March Production was resumed, and the resumption rate of regulated food companies reached more than 95%.

   strengthen and improve the guidance of the industrial chain. Comprehensively sort out the industrial chain of key products of the food industry in Jilin Province, further improve the industrial chain, and complete the”Guide to Strong Chains in the Key Industrial Chains of Jilin Province (Version 1.0)”; and on this basis, sort out the breakpoints, blockages, and For weak links, the chain will be strengthened, extended, supplemented, and built in a targeted manner, and the”Guide to the Strong Chain of Key Industrial Chains in the Food Industry of Jilin Province (Version 2.0)” has been compiled.

   steadily promote the construction of key projects. In accordance with the principle of”planning for the start of the project, pushing ahead with the projects under construction, and putting the completed projects into production”, the”three early” projects will be used as the starting point to accelerate project construction. In 2020, there will be 173 key projects in the food industry in the province, with a total investment of 54.49 billion yuan, including 55 new projects and 118 continued projects.

  Strengthen the food industry development plan. The preparation of the”Fourteenth Five-Year Development Plan for the Food Industry of Jilin Province” was launched in an all-round way to clarify the development direction and focus, and strive to cultivate new economic growth points and new driving forces. Actively help Baicheng City to study how to give full play to the advantages of Meihua Group, plan a corn deep processing industrial park, and use leading enterprises to drive the development of industrial clusters. Actively plan the development of the special medical food industry in Meihekou City, and promote the compilation of the”Meihekou Special Medical Food Industry Base Development Plan”.

   in-depth development of the”three products” special action. Support enterprises to continuously enrich products, improve quality, and cultivate brands. Organize food companies to participate in national exhibitions such as the China Food Expo and Trade Fair, and 15 companies including Changchun Haoyue are selected for the online display of the”Three Products” Typical Achievement Exhibition of the National Food Industry in 2020.

   (Source:Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology)