The only dairy industry! Mengniu”National Technology Standard Innovation Base (Dairy Industry)” completed preparations
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   Recently, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. was responsible for the establishment of the National Technical Standards Innovation Base (Dairy Industry) (hereinafter referred to as the”Dairy Industry Innovation Base”). The preparation tasks have been completed and the acceptance has been passed, and it has been approved by the National Standardization Management Committee. Established.

   This is the only technological standard innovation base in China’s dairy industry. A new era of quality development.


  Innovation leads

  Promote advanced technology standardization

   Dairy Innovation Base is the only technological standard innovation base approved for construction in the dairy industry. It is an important form of national standardization pilot demonstration and promotes the transformation of innovation results into technical standards. The service platform is also an incubator that promotes the marketization, industrialization and internationalization of innovative technologies and products through standardization.

  As a leading enterprise in China’s dairy industry, Mengniu has continued to increase R&D investment over the years, adheres to the standard )” dairy enterprises, the incubation role of the innovation base will promote the promotion of advanced dairy technology achievements in the industry and benefit the entire industrial chain.


   drives related parties in the industry chain

   Achieve high-quality development together

  The Dairy Innovation Base is composed of more than 90 co-construction units including scientific research institutes, industry organizations, colleges, dairy companies and animal husbandry companies, industrial chain partners, etc. , An expert advisory committee composed of 13 industry top experts including 7 academicians was established.

   Dairy Industry Innovation Base is committed to building the base into a dairy industry standard innovation center, realizing the industrialization and marketization of dairy industry technology, creating policy research and technological standard innovation The service platform consists of 5 sub-bases:a quality milk source production base, an intelligent manufacturing application base, a dairy technology research and development base, a testing technology research and development base, and a standardization service base. The quality milk source production base is a national dairy cow approved by the National Standardization Management Committee. Standardized regional service and promotion platform for breeding.

   At this stage, the Dairy Industry Innovation Base has established a complete operating mechanism, has the conditions and capabilities for stable operation, and will further mobilize all relevant parties in the industry and continue to promote Institutional innovation and standard system optimization.


  Improve the high-quality development of the dairy industry with standards

  To build a powerful country in the dairy industry

   At present, China’s dairy industry is at a critical stage of moving from a big dairy country to a strong dairy country. Improving the level of high-quality development with standard construction will become the only way for the development of the dairy industry.

   Through the establishment of a dairy innovation base, Mengniu has achieved”five pushes”:

  ●Deliver confidence by standards and keep the bottom line of food safety

  ●Promote innovation with standards and set up the”Golden Li Project”

  ●Improve the level with standards and strengthen the promotion of advanced standards

  ●Promote transformation with standards and lead the high-quality development of the industry

  ●Using standards to promote upgrades, becoming an important technical support for China’s Dairy Industry Park

   Among them, the”Golden 鬲 Project” takes”quality·innovation·standard” as the core concept, and the industry’s top experts and senior industry experts select the most advanced in the industry Innovative technologies and standards are displayed through the platform of national innovation bases to promote the innovation and development of the dairy industry, and further enhance the innovation level of dairy industry technology and standards. Currently, 88 scientific research and technological achievements have been promoted to transform into technical standards.

  As a leading company in China’s dairy industry, Mengniu takes innovation as its driving force. While developing itself, it transforms advanced technology into standards for the benefit of the industry and promotes the realization of the dairy industry” The dual development of quality and quantity. Dairy Innovation Base shoulders the mission of revitalizing the dairy industry. It will gather intelligence, consolidate responsibilities, vigorously explore and innovate, improve milk quality, and lay a solid foundation for the rise of China’s dairy industry.