The number of frozen swimming crab imported from South Korea in February increased by 66%year-on-year
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According to news from SeafoodMedia on March 31, South Korea’s imports of frozen swimming crabs in February this year increased 66%from the same period last year, from 666 tons to 1,234 tons. The cumulative import volume in the first two months was 2,403 tons, which was 24%less than the 3176 tons in the same period last year. .

   The average import volume in February 2016-2021 was 1,037 tons, and the import volume in February this year increased by 19%from this value.
  Frozen Portunus Crab mainly comes from China, Tunisia, Bahrain and India. In February, the import volume from China was 1755 tons, accounting for 73%. Tunisia ranked second with 359 tons of imported portanx, accounting for 15%. Bahrain frozen Portun Crab The import volume of 271 tons, accounting for 11%, and the import volume of frozen port crabs in India 18 tons, accounting for 1%.
   Among the average import prices of frozen swimming crabs, the price of products from Bahrain is the highest at US$4.3 per kilogram; followed by Tunisia’s frozen swimming crab at US$4.04 per kilogram; and China’s frozen swimming crab has the lowest price at US$2.96 per kilogram.
   In February, the import value of frozen swimming crab was USD 4.17 million, a year-on-year increase of 74%.