The Norwegian Fisheries Agency will carry out marketing in Thailand and Taiwan, focusing on mackerel
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  The Norwegian Seafood Agency (NSC) will launch a new round of marketing activities in Thailand and Taiwan, focusing on mackerel (mackerel) products.

   According to the Norwegian Fisheries Agency, 60-70%of Norwegian mackerel is sold to Asian countries, especially Japan and South Korea. Sales in Southeast Asia and Taiwan have also improved. The mackerel shipped to Vietnam is generally reprocessed and exported, while the products sold to Thailand and Taiwan are mainly consumed internally. Therefore, the Norwegian Fisheries Agency has decided to carry out marketing activities for these two markets. The Norwegian pelagic fish sales agency (Sildelaget) provides 1 million Norwegian kroner promotion costs.
  Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, Director of Southeast Asia of the Norwegian Seafood Agency, said:“In Thailand, Atlantic mackerel is called’aka saba’ and is usually eaten as sushi or grilled fish fillet. Grilled mackerel is also very common in Taiwan and is also used. Used as an ingredient in lunch boxes and buffets.”
  ”Our goal is to develop Norwegian mackerel into a well-known and preferred product. Mackerel is mainly consumed in Japanese food stores, so our target group will be professionals, such as importers and retailers. In Taiwan, 40%of the mackerel is sold through the retail market, and we will also launch a larger-scale marketing campaign for consumers.” Rortveit said.
   In 2020, Norway exported 11,500 tons of mackerel to Taiwan with a sales value of 196 million Norwegian kroner; Thailand sold 9,000 tons with a sales of 152 million Norwegian kroner.
   The Norwegian Seafood Bureau survey shows that:1) In Thailand, 99%of mackerel is sold in restaurants and hotels; 2) Norwegian mackerel accounts for 89%of the Thai market; 3) Thai importers prefer the quality of Norwegian mackerel, and many Consumers believe that mackerel is from Japan; 4) Consumers’ lack of product awareness will be one of the challenges facing the Thai market. Apart from the catering industry, there are few other sales channels, and the Thai market is also facing competition from cheap fish; 5) In In Taiwan, Norwegian mackerel occupies 70%of the market, and the price is relatively stable and cheap; 6) In Taiwan, 95%of mackerel is consumed in Japanese food stores, and many restaurants and grocery stores indicate that the products are from Norway; 7) Norwegian mackerel is in Taiwan The seafood industry is well known, and many importers only purchase Norwegian mackerel.