The National Key R&D Program Project”Aquaculture Animal Disease Immunization Prevention and Ecological Prevention and Control Technology” held the 2020 work summary exchange meeting
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   On March 25th, the national key research and development plan”Blue Granary Technology Innovation” led by the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the key special”Aquaculture Animal Disease Immunization Prevention and Ecological Prevention and Control Technology” project 2020 The work summary exchange meeting was held in Qingdao, and the meeting was conducted simultaneously in the form of”offline + remote video”.
  The meeting was chaired by researcher Wang Qingyin, the leader of the project consulting expert group, and the consulting expert members Professor Song Linsheng, Professor Wang Chunlin, Researcher Liu Yingjie, Researcher Fang Hui, Researcher Wang Jiye, Researcher Sun Li, and Researcher Wang Lei were invited to attend the meeting and provide guidance. More than 80 people, including Jin Xianshi, director of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Liu Zhihong, director of the scientific research department, and project leaders and project backbones attended the meeting.
  In the exchange meeting, Director Jin Xianshi expressed his gratitude to the experts for attending the meeting, and introduced the project background and management implementation status, and hoped that the experts can provide valuable suggestions during the project implementation process, so as to facilitate the smooth implementation of the project and fulfill the expectations Escort the goal. Subsequently, researcher Wang Yingeng, the project leader, reported on the overall progress of the project’s work in 2020, phased results, management implementation, expenditures, current problems and solutions, etc., and each project leader separately implemented the project in 2020. The progress was reported in detail. The leaders and experts at the meeting fully affirmed the work and achievements of the project in 2020, and put forward valuable suggestions and new ideas on the progress of the project, the coordination and management of projects, the output of scientific and technological achievements, and the rationalization of expenditures. Claim.
   This meeting is a critical time node in the entire project management process. It is an important link for project condensing results, inspection progress, and finding and solving problems. It is of great significance to the refining of project phased results and subsequent smooth implementation. . The successful convening of the 2020 work summary exchange meeting clarified the implementation content and management methods of the new phase of the project in the future, pointed out the direction of the smooth progress of the project, and laid an important foundation for ensuring the smooth completion of the project.