The National Development and Reform Commission and the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves issued the”Notice on Carrying out the Relevant Work of the revised Regulations on Grain Circulation Management”
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   On February 15, 2021, Premier Li Keqiang signed the State Council Order No. 740 to announce the revised” Grain Circulation Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the”Regulations”) will come into force on April 15, 2021. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves issued the”Notice on Carrying out the Relevant Work of the Amended Regulations on Grain Circulation Management” (hereinafter referred to as the”Notice”) to implement the”Regulations” Make deployment arrangements.
   The”Notice” pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has attached great importance to national food security and put forward a new food security concept of”guaranteeing basic self-sufficiency of grains and absolute security of rations” and establishing China’s national food security strategy, which is based on the domestic market, ensures production capacity, moderate imports, and supports science and technology, has formed a set of important policies and systems for”firmly holding the initiative in food security”, and has developed a food security strategy with Chinese characteristics. road. On the basis of systematically summarizing practical experience, the”Regulations” legalize the mature policies and systems in the management of grain circulation. It is an important result of implementing the central government’s determination to accelerate the improvement of the legal system for food security. The role of anticipation and long-term benefit is of great significance.
   The”Notice” emphasizes that the”Regulations” are revised to meet the new requirements of the development of the grain circulation situation, and to address the outstanding problems and shortcomings in the grain circulation management, a systematic system improvement has been made, especially the implementation of”decentralization, management and service.” The spirit of reform, the cancellation of grain purchase permits, strengthened supervision measures during and after the event of grain circulation; comprehensively stipulated the prohibition of policy-based grain management; made the prevention and reduction of grain loss and waste as a clear requirement for grain business activities; greatly increased illegal costs, Increasing the penalties for illegal acts has put forward higher requirements for the full performance of grain circulation management responsibilities, implementation of supervision responsibilities, maintenance of market order, and protection of national food security. Development and reform departments at all levels, and grain and material reserve administrative departments must accurately grasp and strictly implement these new requirements, and accelerate the formation of a good atmosphere for the government to supervise in accordance with the law and justice, operators to operate in good faith, and the public to actively and effectively supervise. The first is to earnestly implement the requirements for supervision during and after the event of grain purchases, fully implement the”double random, one open” supervision, seriously investigate and deal with illegal acts that disrupt market order and harm the interests of farmers, and let the supervision”grow teeth”. The second is to earnestly strengthen policy-based grain management, severely investigate and punish behaviors that damage the national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of grain farmers, such as”revolving grains” and”retailing new ones”, make good use of grain policies, manage grain stocks, and give full play to the role of policies. The third is to strictly implement grain quality management requirements, implement grain circulation quality and safety risk monitoring in accordance with their duties, urge grain operators to earnestly fulfill their quality and safety obligations, and resolutely prevent grains that do not meet food safety standards from entering the ration market and food production enterprises. Fourth, strictly implement the requirements for preventing and reducing food loss and waste, continue to improve relevant policies and measures, strengthen food and food saving publicity and education, and create a strong social atmosphere of”cherishing food and opposing waste”. Fifth, take the initiative to perform duties and strictly supervise in accordance with the law, consciously adhere to Xi Jinping’s rule of law as a guide, firmly establish the concept and awareness of law-based administration, learn the rule of law thinking and methods to solve problems, promote work, and effectively maintain the normal order of grain circulation.
   The”Notice” requires a comprehensive review of matters that require the formulation of implementation specifications, systematically handle the connection and transition between the old and the new, comprehensively clean up existing regulations and normative documents, and speed up the formulation and improvement of the”Regulations” to implement supporting systems and specifications. Vigorously carry out”Regulations” training and law popularization, and focus on all-staff training for grain circulation supervisors; combine with”summer grain purchase”,”autumn grain purchase”,”national food safety promotion week”,”national food safety promotion week” and other important Nodes, do a good job in the publicity of key objects, increase the awareness of the content of the”Regulations” from all walks of life, and guide grain operators to operate in good faith in accordance with the law, and grain producers and consumers to protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.