The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs deploys to accelerate the pilot work of the “Internet +” agricultural product export from the village to the city
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  本网 News On April 9, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a video conference in Beijing to accelerate the deployment of the “Internet +” pilot program for agricultural products to be exported from villages to cities. Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Yu Kangzhen attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
   The meeting pointed out that after the issuance of the”Internet+” agricultural products exporting from villages to cities pilot project guidance and the pilot program, all regions have attached great importance to it, actively responded, combined with actual conditions, and made solid progress. Some development models and typical cases were explored and summarized. Some good experiences and good practices have come out, showing a good situation.
  The meeting emphasized that the key to the project of leaving the village and entering the city is to establish a supply chain system that adapts to the network sales of agricultural products, establish a linkage feedback mechanism between the market and production, and internalize the huge market demand as a driving force for the upgrading of local industries. The next step is to focus on four areas of work. The first is to focus on overall planning, formulate work plans and work ledgers, establish a pilot work coordination mechanism, unite the strength of all relevant departments, and steadily promote the construction of pilot projects. The second is to grasp the market, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, create a market investment environment, and form a healthy development. The third is to focus on the key points. It is necessary to cultivate the main body of industrialized operation as the key, and rely on the main body of industrialized operation to open up all links of the entire industrial chain and promote industrial upgrading. The fourth is to grasp implementation and strengthen supervision and assessment to ensure that the pilot work is completed on time and with guaranteed quality.
  The persons in charge of the Agriculture and Rural Departments of Fujian and Jiangsu, the persons in charge of Kecheng District of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the persons in charge of Hanyuan County Government of Sichuan Province and some business representatives made typical speeches at the meeting.