The market supervision department of Heyuan City successfully completed the food safety sampling in the first quarter of 2021
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   In order to further strengthen food safety supervision, discover hidden food safety hazards in a timely manner, and enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security, the Heyuan City Market Supervision Bureau formulated the Heyuan City Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection Plan for 2021, insisting on problem orientation, Highlighting the requirements of science, pertinence, standardization, timeliness, and accuracy, the food safety supervision and random inspection work in the first quarter was successfully completed.
  Sampling inspection work is based on the actual situation of our city, focusing on key varieties with high risk, low passing rate and large consumption, and targeting key areas such as farmer’s market, campus surroundings, and urban-rural fringe. At the same time, according to past random inspections, Seasonal hot sales, public opinion hotspots, sudden food safety issues, etc., timely and effectively organized and carried out food safety supervision and sampling work. In the first quarter, the city’s market supervision department completed a total of 1,426 batches of food safety supervision and random inspections, of which 1396 batches were qualified and 30 batches were unqualified. The unqualified detection rate was 2.10%. Sampling products include processed food products, edible oil, fats and their products, condiments, meat products, dairy products, beverages, convenience foods, biscuits, canned food, quick-frozen foods, potatoes and puffed foods, confectionery products, tea and related products , Wine, vegetable products, fruit products, roasted seeds and nuts products, aquatic products, starch and starch products, pastries, soy products, bee products, health foods, special dietary foods, infant formula foods, catering foods, food additives, 28 major food categories including edible agricultural products. Sampling inspection links include food circulation links, catering service links, production links, and food production and processing workshops; the sampling inspection area covers five counties and three districts.
   In the next step, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out food safety sampling inspections, announce the results of the sampling inspections in a timely manner, enhance the people’s sense of food consumption safety, and effectively protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue”.