The Market Supervision Bureau of Ningcheng County, Chifeng City Launches Quick Inspection of Food Safety in School Canteens
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  In order to comprehensively strengthen the supervision of food safety on campus, give full play to the role of rapid food safety testing, and ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the majority of teachers and students. Recently, the Ningcheng County Market Supervision Bureau carried out quick food safety inspections on school canteens in the jurisdiction.

   This quick inspection mainly focused on the five canteens of Ningcheng County Vocational Education Center and Mongolian Middle School, and focused on vegetables, fruits, rice noodles, fish, meat, etc. Rapid detection of indicators such as nitrate and food additives. Up to now, a total of 18 batches of fast food inspections have been completed and all the test results are qualified. No food safety problems have been found.
  Next, the Ningcheng County Market Supervision Bureau will continue to take advantage of the “professional, fast, accurate, and timely” food inspections, expand the scope of food inspections, improve the effectiveness of campus food safety supervision, and effectively protect the lives of teachers and students. And physical health is the first priority to ensure that teachers and students can eat at ease and eat at ease.