The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Chiping District, Liaocheng Launches”Two Inspections and Two Specializations” for Health Food and Re-upgrading Actions
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   To further improve the quality and safety of health food in Chiping District, to urge health food operators to fulfill their main responsibilities, and the Market Supervision Administration of Chiping District, Liaocheng to carry out”two inspections and two specializations” in the health food business link to further improve the standard.
  In the operation, non-staple food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and maternal and child stores are the main places to focus on checking whether health foods are operated beyond the scope; whether a purchase inspection record system is established and the valid qualifications and purchase receipts of suppliers and manufacturers are retained; Whether the label instructions involve disease prevention and treatment functions, and whether they are consistent with the contents of the registration record; whether the special area (counter) sells and sets up reminders, and the special area does not allow non-health food to be mixed; whether it is marked with”health care” in prominent places such as health food establishments Food is not a medicine, and it cannot replace medicines to treat diseases.” Consumption reminders and other health food business behaviors shall be regulated one by one.
  Chiping District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will strictly implement the”two inspections and two specializations” regulatory requirements, strengthen supervision and inspection of key areas and key places, popularize laws, regulations and regulatory requirements related to health food, improve the self-discipline level of merchants, and ensure improved actions Achieve practical results, guide consumers to choose health foods correctly, and jointly create a good atmosphere of honest and legal operation.