The local standard of”Jiangxi Green Ecology-Jinggang Tangerine” was approved for project approval
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   Good news was uploaded from the local standard project evaluation meeting held by the Jiangxi Standards and Technology Review Center on March 31. The local standard”Jiangxi Green Ecology—Jinggang Tangerine” passed the expert project evaluation and was approved for the project. It became the first”Jiangxi Green Ecology” local standard approved to be approved in our province.
   The local standards of”Jiangxi Green Ecology—Jinggang Tangerines” are formulated from the aspects of ecological environment, production and planting, disease prevention and control, fruit storage and transportation, etc., to fully reflect the high standards, excellent quality, and purity of Jinggang Tangerines. Green requirements create the”Jian model” of Jiangxi’s green ecology.
   In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of the Ji’an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Jinggang Tangerines have developed rapidly. A high-standard Jinggang Tangerine production base has been built with 10,000 mu, which will produce more than 10,000 tons of high-quality Jinggang Tangerines per year. The output value is 500 million yuan.