The local standard of”Food Safety Local Standard Food Workshop Hygiene Code” passed expert review
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   On April 13, the Anhui Provincial Health Commission and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized experts to review the standards of”Local Food Safety Standards and Food Workshop Hygiene Standards”. The Provincial Quality Standards Institute, as the first drafting unit, conducted the review and defense.
  From the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Provincial Food and Drug Inspection and Research Institute, Provincial Center for Disease Control, Hefei Customs Technology Center, Provincial Health Commission Comprehensive Supervision Institute, Provincial Food Industry Association, Anhui Yanzhi Nine experts from Fang Food Co., Ltd. and other units formed an evaluation expert group. After discussion and questioning, the review expert group put forward relevant opinions and suggestions, and the standard passed the review smoothly.
  ”Local Food Safety Standards and Food Workshop Hygiene Standards” is the third local food safety standard established in Anhui Province. In August 2020, the Provincial Health and Construction Commission officially approved the project. The formulation of this standard closely follows the changes in relevant policies, technologies and market demand for small food workshops. With quality and safety as the core, the standard focuses on the national food safety standard”General Hygiene Regulations for Food Production” (GB 14881) and the”Food Safety Regulations of Anhui Province”, and also refers to the management requirements of small workshops in surrounding provinces and cities, and conforms to the current relevant national laws , Regulations and related standard requirements. The formulation of this standard is of great significance for regulating the hygiene-related indicators of small food workshops, improving food quality, protecting consumer interests, and promoting the orderly development of the industry.