The Lixin County Marketing Bureau of Bozhou launches a special inspection of food safety in online catering services
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   In order to further regulate the operation of online catering, improve the food safety level of the county’s online catering services. Recently, the Lixin County Market Supervision Bureau of Bozhou organized and carried out a special inspection of food safety in online catering services, and achieved initial results.
   One is to clarify work objectives and tasks, and implement supervisory persons. After finding out the base number and current situation of online meal ordering service units in the jurisdiction, we will focus on solving outstanding problems.
   The second is to strengthen online catering service providers to implement the main responsibility and self-discipline awareness of quality and safety, and ensure the effective progress of rectification work.
   The third is to make careful arrangements and earnestly carry out special inspections of food safety in online catering services by formulating work plans, holding special meetings, and setting up inspection teams.
   At the same time, four companies were interviewed together. It puts forward clear requirements for third-party platforms, branches, and self-built websites in the jurisdiction, and signed the “Online Meal Ordering Third-Party Platform to Implement the Main Responsibility Letter of Food Safety”, requiring self-inspection, implementation of the “five responsibilities”, and achieving the “five responsibilities”. A guarantee”. In response to the problems found in the inspection, rectification regulations were promptly issued, and a total of 2 notices of ordering corrections were issued. Up to now, a total of 1,390 catering service providers in the county have been inspected, of which 917 online catering service third-party platforms and their branches have achieved 100%filing.