The kick-off meeting for the formulation of the”Steak and Quality Group Standards” of the China Meat Association was successfully held in Shanghai
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   In order to regulate the whole process of preparing steaks from production, processing to sales, clarify product classification, improve safety level, promote high-quality and better-priced steak products into the market, and provide technical theoretical basis for leading scientific consumption and market supervision. The kick-off meeting of the group standard of”Steak and its quality grade” sponsored by the Meat Association and undertaken by the Manor Group was successfully held in Shanghai. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jinhuan, Secretary-General of Cattle and Sheep Branch of China Meat Association.
  In the discussion session, the participating expert committees discussed the concept of”steak” in detail from multiple angles in a rigorous and pragmatic manner, from the history and consumer culture that existed so far, the meaning of”conditioning”, and the method of segmentation. It was analyzed. Experts formulate the standard, the exact name and scope of the steak; how to divide the steak products of the same group; whether there are special requirements for the raw materials of each group of steak products; whether there are special restrictions on the ingredients and additives of the steak products; the general process steps of the steak products How to formulate sensory indicators, physical and chemical indicators, and microbiological indicators; whether to specify the quality level of each group of steaks in this standard; whether consumer eating methods should be indicated in this standard; what are the key control points and maturity in the processing technology Intensive consultations on the division and other aspects. After the meeting, the China Meat Association will formulate the first draft of the standard based on the discussion opinions, and then submit it to the working group for review.
   After the kick-off meeting, Chen Xibin, Chairman of Cattle and Sheep Branch of China Meat Association and Chairman of Dazor Meat Group Co., Ltd. invited the delegates to visit Dazor Group in Shanghai and expressed that the association was developing group standards Supported and fully affirmed the theme exchange activities carried out by the branch.
   Liu Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Meat Association and Secretary-General of the Standards Working Committee, Chief Expert Zhang Ziping, Secretary-General Liu Jinhuan of the Cattle and Sheep Branch, Sun Baozhong, an expert from the Beijing Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and shares from Dazhuang Meat Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Rukang Halal Food Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tmall Network, Jingdong Century Trading, Inner Mongolia Excellent Food Science Research Center, Shanghai Jiuli Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanqi Yueshengzhai Halal Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qianhan Food Co., Ltd. A total of more than 70 people, including experts and scholars from industry companies such as Tianpu Leshi Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and American Meat Export Association, online and offline participants participated in the launch meeting of the group logo.