The Jiamusi Market Supervision Bureau went deep into the farmer’s market and cold storage to supervise and inspect the cold chain food epidemic prevention and control work
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   Recently, the Jiamusi City Market Supervision Bureau organized law enforcement officers to continue to go deep into key places such as farmer’s markets and cold storage in the urban area to carry out special supervision and inspections on the prevention and control of cold chain food epidemics.
  The law enforcement officers of the Jiamusi City Market Supervision Bureau conducted key inspections on the implementation of the main responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control, especially cold chain food prevention and control, including cold chain food traceability information entry, staffing, and investment in related facilities and equipment. Up to now, the inspections of 3 farmer’s markets of various types, 1 flower, bird and fish market, and 8 cold storages have been completed. The individual operators have been lax in prevention and control awareness and the cold chain food traceability work is not fully implemented and other hidden dangers found during the inspection. , Law enforcement officers urged it to carry out rectification. At the same time, law enforcement officers also supervised and guided the implementation of the relevant requirements of Jiamusi City to create a national civilized city in each farmer’s market.