The Indian farmed shrimp industry is committed to improving the position of Indian shrimp in the global market
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From SeafoodNews on March 31st, experts in the Indian aquaculture industry called for greater attention to markets outside the United States and to promote shrimp consumption in the domestic market, so as to achieve the goal of 1.5 million tons of farmed shrimp production by 2025 and make seafood Total export revenue reached 15 billion U.S. dollars (equivalent to 108 billion rupees).

  The Association of Aquaculture Professionals of India (SAP) expressed concerns about excessive reliance on the US market, stating that the shrimp farming industry in the country must either develop its own projects or participate in global projects to promote shrimp consumption in major markets.
   The association released a white paper entitled”India Shrimp Farming Industry 2020″.
  Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) is an international organization that promotes sustainable aquaculture. It uses the successful model of avocado fruit producers to propose the idea of ​​promoting shrimp in the United States. SAP has asked the Indian government to study the GAA proposal and decide whether to support the proposal or develop an alternative plan.
   There are also suggestions that we should retake the markets of Europe, Japan and other countries and invest in a”Made in India” shrimp brand to make Indian shrimp stand out in the global market.
  SAP advocates the promotion and promotion of the consumption of shrimp products in India, and pointed out that with the increase of India’s population and economic prosperity, as long as there is sufficient market promotion, shrimp as an easy-to-cook food will win wider consumption者Support.
  SAP stated that an assessment report on the Indian shrimp industry in 2020 showed that Indian shrimp production fell by 19%, from nearly 800,000 tons in the previous year to about 650,000 tons. If India plans to achieve the production target of 1.4 million tons by 2024, the government should take priority measures to solve shrimp health problems, increase the carrying capacity of supporting industrial ecosystems, and expand and promote market diversification.