The Guangdong Food Institute’s notice on the establishment of the two group standards of”Freeze-dried Fruit Mooncakes” and”Duck Cakes” (Yueshixue [2021] No. 06)
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All relevant units:
   According to the relevant provisions of the”Guangdong Food Association Group Standards Management Measures”, after the technical review of the Guangdong Food Association Standardization Technical Committee and related experts, the group standards of”Freeze-dried Fruit Mooncakes” and”Duck Cakes” are now being established. , The project plan number is 2021001, 2021002, and the deadline for completion is June 2021. It is hereby announced.
  All standard-making units are requested to organize and implement strictly in accordance with relevant requirements, strictly control the quality of standards, and effectively improve the quality and level of standard compilation, and enhance the applicability and effectiveness of standards.
   At the same time, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, related enterprises, and users related to the project standard are welcome to participate in the preparation of the standard. If you are interested in participating in the standard preparation, please contact the secretariat of the society.
  Contact:Peng Hongmei, Cai Renyang
   Email:[email protected]
  Address:230, Building 13, South China University of Technology, 381 Wushan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
  Guangdong Food Association
   April 1, 2021