The Guangdong Food Institute successfully organized the”R&D and demonstration of key technologies for precise and moderate oil production of linseed and walnut and high-value processing of by-products” project achievement evaluation meeting
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   On the afternoon of April 11, the Guangdong Food Institute successfully organized a project achievement evaluation meeting in the Institute of Technology of Jinan University. The meeting invited Professor Zhao Mouming of South China University of Technology, Professor Wu Kegang of Guangdong University of Technology, Professor Yang Xinquan of Guangzhou University, Professor Fang Xiang of South China Agricultural University, Professor Huang Ruqiang of South China Normal University, Professor Yang Bao of South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zeng Xiaofang of Zhongkai University of Agricultural Engineering, etc. Experts, research and development on the key technology research and development of”flaxseed and walnut precise and moderate oil production and high-value processing of by-products” jointly completed by Jinan University, Jiangnan University, Ningxia Junxingfang Food Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Lulei Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd., and Ludong University Evaluation of results with demonstration projects. The results evaluation meeting was presided over by Li Bian, Director of Physiology of the Provincial Food Society. Professor Bai Defa, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Jinan University, and Professor Li Zhen, Associate Dean of the School of Science and Technology of Jinan University, attended the evaluation meeting and introduced the scientific research situation of Jinan University and the Institute of Technology.
  Professor Jin Qingzhe from Jiangnan University reported to the expert group the overall situation of the project from seven aspects, including project objectives, research content, technical route, research results, results list, application promotion, and main innovations. The project is based on the concept of accurate and moderate processing. Breakthrough key technologies such as linseed and walnut peeling/husking, moderate oil and refining, walnut cake deep processing, linseed functional food ingredient processing, etc., and solve the current problems of extensive linseed and walnut processing technology and lack of special equipment. It solves the value of oil products and cakes, enriches China’s characteristic oil processing technology, technology and product types, and has significant social and economic benefits in improving quality and efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.
  The evaluation committee reviewed the project materials, listened to detailed reports from the units that completed the results, and inquired about key technical issues. In the end, the evaluation committee experts discussed and agreed that the project reached the international leading level in the technology of flaxseed peeling and high-efficiency separation and purification of cyclic peptides, and the overall technology reached the international advanced level, and they agreed to pass the evaluation.
  The evaluation of scientific and technological achievements refers to the objective, specific and appropriate evaluation of the work quality, academic level, practical application and maturity of scientific research results. Since 2018, the society has been actively providing scientific and technological achievements evaluation services for university scientific research institutes, food enterprises and institutions, and related business work has been supported by the Guangdong Association for Science and Technology and the Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology. The scientificity, professionalism, fairness and authority of the evaluation of the achievements of the society have been unanimously recognized by all sectors of society.
  The Society will continue to uphold an independent, fair and just attitude, give full play to the advantages of the resources of the Society’s experts, do a good job in the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the evaluation system of scientific and technological achievements, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in our province, and promote the development of the food industry in our province. Efficient and rapid development.
  Achievement transformation and docking:This project has developed a flaxseed peeling device (peeling rate ≥90%, kernels in the skin ≤0.5%, kernels containing skin ≤2%); walnut peeling and separation device (hulling rate ≥ 95%, kernel containing shell ≤6%, shell containing kernel ≤2%) 2 sets of key equipment; developed flavored linseed oil, cold-pressed linseed oil (linolenic acid ≥50%, VE, sterol retention rate ≥80%), flax lignans (lignan content ≥90%), 12 types of flax cyclic peptides (cyclic peptide content ≥90%), walnut oil (VE, sterol retention rate ≥80%), walnut protein meal replacement powder ( Protein content ≥40%), walnut peptide (peptide content ≥90%) and many other new products; among them, linseed oil and walnut oil have been put on the market.