The group standard”Integrated Procurement of Food Ingredients for Group Meals and Hygienic Specifications for Warehouse Distribution” passed expert review
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   On April 1, 2021, the Shanghai Food Safety Working Federation (hereinafter referred to as the”City Food Allianz”) organized experts to conduct an expert review of the group standard”Hygiene Standards for the Procurement, Warehouse Distribution, and Processing of Food Ingredients for Group Meals”. Gu Zhenhua, President of the Municipal Food Safety Association, Shanghai Catering Industry Association, Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sunshine Lunch Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong New Area Food and Drug Safety Management Association, Shanghai Green Jie Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Longshen Food (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rural Credit Catering Co., Ltd. and other relevant persons in charge attended the meeting.
  Gu Zhenhua, the president of the Municipal Food Security Federation, introduced the background, main work process, main content and basis of the drafting of the group standard to the experts, as well as the situation of soliciting opinions and feedback. Subsequently, experts discussed and exchanged the standards one by one.
  The experts at the meeting agreed that:The group standard fully collected relevant national food safety laws and regulations, relevant technical standards, and extensively listened to the opinions and suggestions of relevant departments and units. The drafting specifications of this standard conform to the requirements set by the national group standard, and can meet the current food safety requirements for the purchase of catering raw materials and warehouse distribution. It has good pertinence and operability, and is conducive to the integrated procurement and storage of food raw materials for group meals in Shanghai. , Processing, sorting and distribution, as well as the safe and nutritious food supply chain platform to strengthen food safety management, ensure food safety, and fill the domestic gap. The expert group unanimously agreed that the standard passed the review.
  According to expert opinions, the drafting team revised the group standard and changed its name to”Integrated Procurement of Food Ingredients for Group Meals and Hygienic Standards for Warehouse Distribution”. In the next step, the drafting team will further modify and improve, and the Shanghai Food Safety Work Federation will publish and self-declare in accordance with the requirements of the group standard management method.