The groundbreaking ceremony of the Longda Meat Anda pig slaughter and meat product deep processing project was successfully concluded
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   On April 9, Heilongjiang Longda Meat Food Co., Ltd. Anda pig slaughtering and meat product deep processing project (hereinafter referred to as Anda project) groundbreaking ceremony was grandly held. Leaders such as Jia Liyan, Director of the People’s Congress of Anda City, Ao Bingqian, Mayor, Wu Liantao, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, journalists from all sectors of society, Zhang Rui, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Longda Meat Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longda Meat), and Xu Wei, Secretary of the Board of Directors attended the meeting. participate.
  Longda Meats Deputy General Manager Zhang Rui first gave a detailed introduction to the specific situation of Anda Project and the significance of Anda Project to the promotion of Longda Meat’s strategic layout. Longda Meat Food officially began to implement the”First Five-Year” strategic plan in January 2021. The move to Zi Anda is a milestone in the implementation of Longda Meat’s national strategic layout and the realization of capacity expansion in the Northeast. The Anda project is divided into three phases. When the production capacity is gradually reached, it will also lay the foundation for the construction of a healthy and sustainable meat industry ecology in the Northeast.
   Anda City Deputy Mayor Chen Yongbin then explained the Anda City Government’s support for this project and expressed his warm congratulations on the start of the Anda project. Anda Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have been continuously increasing their efforts in the introduction of agricultural and livestock product deep processing projects. The entry of Longda Meat in Anda will surely accelerate the upgrading and development of Anda’s livestock industry. Anda’s animal husbandry industry has always had a good foundation for development, and the animal husbandry industry will enter a new stage of development in the future. For this reason, Anda City Government will also strive to provide enterprises with the best quality services and the most favorable supporting policies to help them. The livestock industry in Anda City continued to develop steadily.
   Finally, Cui Jianhao, general manager of Heilongjiang Longda Meat Food Co., Ltd., made a statement on the Anda project. Manager Cui said that in the later construction process, we will adhere to the work attitude of “scientific and pragmatic, and strive for excellence”. Under the premise of safe construction, we will strictly control the quality and safety of construction in accordance with the progress of the project, speed up the construction progress, and achieve safety and quality. , Efficient.
  In the ground-breaking ceremony of the Anda project, Anda City Leadership Director Jia Liyan, Mayor Ao Bingqian, Chairman Wu Liantao, Deputy Secretary Lan Yongbo, Deputy Mayor Chen Yongbin, Deputy Mayor Han Lixiang, and Deputy General Manager Zhang of Longda Meat Rui, Secretary of the Board Xu Wei, and Manager Cui Jianhao jointly cultivated the soil and laid the foundation.
   2021 is the first year of Longda Meat’s”First Five-Year” strategic plan to promote the implementation of the new year. The start of the Anda project will also lay a solid foundation for Longda Meat’s capacity expansion in Northeast China, as well as the next production capacity in Central China and South China. Expansion provides reference. It is believed that with the steady implementation of the “First Five-Year” strategic plan of Longda Meat, the national layout of Longda Meat will also speed up the process, laying a solid foundation for becoming a high-quality meat supplier.