The European Commission promotes the development of organic aquaculture
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From SeafoodSourse on April 2, the European Commission announced a new action plan aimed at accelerating the development of the organic sector, including a substantial increase in organic aquaculture. The plan will focus on 23 actions and follow the EU’s agricultural farms. Go to the table strategy, seeking to promote the production and consumption of organic products.

   The European Commission stated that organic agriculture, including aquaculture, is meeting the growing social demand for high-quality food that is conducive to environmental development and animal welfare. The development of organic agriculture will help protect nature and reverse the ecosystem. The degradation of food products plays an important role in the goal of the Green Deal for sustainable food production and consumption.
   The European Commission emphasized that organic fish farming only accounts for 4%of total aquaculture production, and it is still in the early stages in Europe. The publication of the European Fisheries Association”Fish Market 2020″ reports that the consumption of organic aquaculture products The volume has increased by 20%in the past 5 years, and in France, this proportion is as high as 48%.
   In order to further promote the consumption of organic food, the action plan emphasizes the importance of communication between the organic farming industry and its advantages. EU promotion activities, combating fraud, and improving food traceability are also necessary elements of the action plan.
   Regarding the sustainable aquaculture industry, the committee hopes to use resources more efficiently and will draft guidelines to minimize the use of plastics and promote the efficient use of water and energy.